Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project 6 in 14 -Butterfly Kisses-

Here is the final product of a baby blanket for a SIL due any time now. I call it butterfly kisses. I wanted to do something that wasn't as baby-ish and would work for her as she grows into a toddler. Since it was for a cousin, I got the kids all involved on it. Hunter & Savannah helped determine where each color stripe would go and believe me ... it was an entire afternoon of debating about it all for Hunter. It was really sweet. I LOVE having flannel backing on baby blankets. So many times when I'm at church or out and about, the baby will fall asleep in my arms. And flannel is so soft and warm and it's always nice to lay the baby down on something like that. Usually since it's a nice warm spot they won't wake up for me because of that flannel. I have a couple of baby blankets I was given for Hunter that had flannel or fleece on them and they get the most use because of that. It's nice to have it done and going in the mail. I wouldn't show it usually until she got it but I am 99.99% sure she doesn't read this blog ... so it's all good. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Projects 4 &5 in 14 -Blankets-

Ryan is coming back today! YEAH! 14 days is a REALLY long time to be gone ... we did get to see him the whole 36 hours during last weekend ... but it was too short of a visit. The kids have missed him terribly and we are all excited to have Poppa Bear home tonight! And I am REALLY excited for sleeping in tomorrow morning ... ha!Only two more by Tuesday to make my goal! :)
The top blanket and the bottom aren't going to be completely finished by me, but I still count them as individual projects. The bottom one is for my Grandma June to tie up. And then the red bold blanket (on top) is being sent over to the fabulous Miss Mati. Her quilting is absolutely stunning and I am getting an awesome deal from her. Piano lessons for quilting. I think I'm getting the better end of that bargain too! :)

Right now she's working on a blanket for Savannah's birthday that will probably cost me months & months of piano (but it's so worth it!) and then this will be sent over sometime after that. It's for a SIL that's due later this year. At first I thought it would be much too bold, but it really turned out cute and when I saw the pictures of how she painted her boys' rooms I knew that this blanket would have a perfect home with her. But of course ... no close up pictures until after she gets it. ;)
The middle photo is of the project #6. It's a baby blanket for a SIL that is having her first baby. I hope to have it done tomorrow sometime.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thrifty Thursday - July 24th -

I know the Goodwill can be overpriced, but they tend to always have *something* I need. This week was no exception. I saw this there one time for only $15 (retail $60). I really loved it and didn't get it ... it was new in the box and had all the parts. Don't ask me what I was thinking, I couldn't tell you if I tried. I drove away without it and realized that it was dumb and drove back for it even! But, of course it was gone when I got back ... someone else recognized the AWESOME deal it was. I have been going back again and again to find it ... knowing one day it would be there again. And this time it was ... for $30!!! There was a second one, but it was missing half of the buckets, so I didn't get it. There was some slight damage on the back of the shelves, but it's minimal (and hidden in the back) ... I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! :) Now ... to just find a second one ... lol. ;).

The other item I picked up was a game called Whack-A-Mole. Hunter LOVES it and plays it over & over & over & over again since we picked it up (great entertainment ... for only $2!!!).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's 'cause I said it out loud ...

You know of Murphy's Law? Well, yeah it's happening over here. I said my goal out-loud ... I should have knocked on wood or something, because just like that! Things started going kooky over here.

My machine broke. I don't know what I did, but I broke it, it's doing this jerking thing and then it freezes up and jams and breaks needles ... it ain't pretty. I thought it must be something that can easily be fixed, right? So I took it to the quilting group today, who all advised taking it to the repair man ... which takes DAYS. With Ryan gone right now this has been my little bit of sanity and enjoyment. The days are kind-of hairy with the kids (we are on day 12 of 14) and then I get my evenings to relax and sew. I could NOT make it the next couple of days alone ... without my machine to keep me company at night. LOL. So, I found an awesome, brand new machine on Craigslist. It cost as much as the repair will ... but it was an instant gratification. And!!! She threw in her walking foot too! :) YEAH!

Then I dropped my cutter on the tile and now it won't rotate and cut anymore. So, I *had* to go buy a new one from Jo-Ann's. It's a nice, big one and I love it ... but unfortunately it meant no sewing for today ... so instead I tied on the strings on the Christmas ornaments (and worked on a super-awesome project that I've been working on for almost a year now) ... project #4 is tomorrow ... as long as something else doesn't go wrong ...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Project 3 in 14 -Embroidery Alphabet-

So St. George didn't happen, but the beach did instead! I'll have to post some photos from our whirlwind trip to California tomorrow. For today though, I finished another project! I got this done, except for the french knots ... which are mentally really difficult for me ... I don't know why. So, I sat down and forced myself keep reading & re-reading the tutorial on-line until ... I got it! :) I was making this originally for my Grandma here in town ... but she told me the other day that she doesn't want any more stuff for her house, so the finished one is now Savannah's and Grandma will get a loaf of bread & freezer jam instead (no clutter there, just yummy goodness!). :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Project 2 in 14 -Magnet Board-

I should point out, that not all of the projects are monumental ... you know how you buy things or accumulate things from other people and *plan* on doing something with them ... and then never do? Or how you have had ideas linger for months, even years and then you miss the opportunity? So that's the kind of projects (for the most part) I'm hoping to complete.

Like today's finished project ... my poor baby has been miserable & sick (I think it's the air quality ... all the California fires have created HORRIBLE smog here). I have been holding him while he sleeps so he won't gag and cough constantly ... but it meant I needed a simple project for the day, so I could still make that goal. :)

Last week the little characters were 3 for 99 cents at Jo-Ann's. I had seen this darling idea here and shamelessly copied it for my boys room. I already had a large magnetic board (from IKEA), so I just used it ... not quite as cute with a white board ... but still awesome ... and DONE (which means it's perfect)! Hunter has been making up games for us to play with them, and already we've lost a couple of the guys ... but I'm sure they'll turn up as soon as the room is clean. Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

So I am so excited! Tomorrow we are heading up to St. George to see some completely awesome friends and the thrift stores there are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! But first this week's finds ... I love that my kids think it's "normal" to thrift shop, that they feel no sense of shame in saving money ... and that Hunter was so excited to find this ... he BEGGED me to get it, then I saw this for them to try too ... and the best part were these letters ... I am working on gathering up all the letters of the alphabet to make a mural for the boy's room. Which is getting pretty pricey ... so I was thrilled to see these for only 49 cents each!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project 1 in 14 -Animal Blanket-

So the goal is 7 projects in 14 days ... here's the first one! **It's sad that I have enough projects to accomplish this goal ... too many projects just about done!**

So I made this blanket and was planning on giving it to a friend for a baby gift. But then I was talking with my husband who "insisted" that I keep it for Colton (who still didn't have a homemade blanket from Mommy). I love this fabric so much, I was happy to keep it! :)
Then, I have been wracking my brain about the quilting. I only use a walking foot and am so new at all of this, a quilting foot has seemed a HUGE undertaking. I just did the whole flip out method on it and then as I was talking to my friend the other day, the idea for it just came! A compass would be PERFECT!!!! So I looked and looked thru google images and found two different pictures I liked and then photo-shopped them together to look like this ... then I enlarged it to 200% and used it as a guide for the whole thing. It's centered so that the points actually point to the North, East, South & West on the panel. Here's a good shot of the back of it ...I. love. it. Look at how it all came together!!! **Just don't look too closely and notice all the flaws!** I really enjoyed the quilting ... since it wasn't entirely straight lines across the entire quilt. Now this is being put away until next month and his birthday, I plan on giving him a book to go with it. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthdays & Gifts

So life got in the way and I didn't get as much done as I thought I could (isn't that always the case?) but, I was able to make a gift for my son's friend. Hunter has a friend who is the most adorable little girl. He always tells me they are going to get married one day (he could only hope to be so lucky) ... lol.

Anyways, she was over for a playdate on Thursday and noticed Savannah's little caterpillar blanket. She loved the bright colors and asked me to make her one for her birthday (which was on Sunday). I told her that I really couldn't make her a blanket that fast (let's be honest ... I can't finish projects I've been working on for months!), but she kept coming over to look at it & telling me how she loved the little caterpillar on the leaf and the big butterfly. After she left I kept trying to think of something I COULD do for her.

So, I went and bought another panel for her. I made her a cute tote and pillow (with the two parts of the panel she kept telling me she loved) and then got her the book.I loved the idea so much, I took the remaining part of the panel (the caterpillar) and ironed him on another tote for Savannah's birthday (she's getting her caterpillar blanket, with the book & now the tote too!).

Then ...

It got me thinking about my nieces & nephews & Christmas. Can you believe it's already time to start thinking about that?!?!? And I started telling my husband about how fabric for Brown Bear, Brown Bear is coming out this October. And wouldn't it be DARLING to make each family a tote with the panel and put a book and then a soft stuffie inside for them? And my husband of course looks at me like I'm CrAzY (which I am) and as we're discussing this we are walking into Kohl's. And guess what was there, sitting at the front counter for me??? A brown bear stuffie for the Eric Carle book! Literally, look at this!!! I called it divine providence, picked up two for them and my poor honey was just laughing & shaking his head at the check out stand. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dog days of Summer

I live in a town on the outskirts of Las Vegas. We're expecting a COOL DOWN of only 98-99 degrees this weekend (thank you!!!). I've thought this and heard many other moms describe this time of year as our winter. Meaning, this is the time of year when we don't go out much and really are indoors most of the day, everyday. At least the evenings cool down enough that we can enjoy it outside a bit. So, we've been doing a lot of this lately to cool down (love the Goodwill pool!).
Which means that the last thing on my mind is sitting beneath a blanket and stitching the binding or quilting anything. But, I did finish up my son's quilt top on Wednesday. It was just a simple duvet bought from IKEA & I quilted down the lines. Man it felt good to finish that up! Like ... losing ten pounds killer good. :) So ... enough is enough! Time to finish some projects ... we aren't out during the hottest parts of the day and so that leaves lots of time to work on them! I finished block #7 and am now waiting for the fabric for the setting blocks. I don't care if I'm behind, I'll get there ... but in the meantime ... my plan for this weekend is to try and finish all of these instead.

Wish me luck! And don't forget it's 711 day!!! Go out and get a yummy slurpee to celebrate!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

Since I've decided against trying to be so matchy-matchy, I figure I'll buy things I love and in the end it will all fit together ... I hope! ;) So, I saw this at the local D.I. and had to get it for Savannah's room (It's Mary Englebriet and only $3!). Then I found this food grinder, it hooks onto the table and weighs a TON for $3 as well. Going with the $3 theme ... the last find for this week was this copper jar. I already have two to hold all the cooking utensils in my kitchen. I love it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I realized something yesterday ...

I love making the quilt tops. I really do. I love the cutting, sewing, ironing of everything. And then I have this nifty little piece of art. That I made. I love doing that. The whole ... finishing, binding and difficult quilting thing ... that not so much. So ... I have this stack of quilt tops now ... From top to bottom: a Christmas disappearing nine patch, Christmas tree blanket, the hungry caterpillar, the animals around the world, the last quilt-a-long, and now the newest addition on top too (it's for a family member having a baby ... so I won't share it until she gets it).
In my own defense ... my sweet friend wanted to make this newest quilt & I *HAD* to do it with her. She needed me. LOL. So ... as soon as I finish these new little babies I started yesterday (some gifts for some new babies on the way ) ... NO MORE NEW QUILT TOPS. ;) I decided on a cowgirl version and love the pattern so much I cut it out as a boy version too ...
My husband was home on Monday and I've been able to get a lot of sewing done because of that, it is so awesome!!! Here's quilt block #6:I am officially sick of doing each block twice. Week 5 was so time consuming! It was nice to have a really quick & easy one this time. I'm 25% of the way done ... only 36 more blocks to go! LOL.
On a completely different note ... I went to a surprise baby shower this last weekend. I delivered her present finally & also the one I had mentioned last week. Nice to get the closet cleaned out a bit and deliver the gifts I had planned. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Daughter's Room

So I am very excited about re-doing/finishing Savannah's room. I have all these ideas and things that I want to do swirling in my head. So, I took all my favorite pictures and created a digital idea board. Then I posted that as my backdrop on my computer screen. That way I can look at it as my desktop picture and remember what I love and what I want to do for her room. Most of it is crafty/do-it-myself stuff. And a lot of it I could thrift shop and get really cheap. It makes me happy about making an eclectic, girly room for her. :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We had an awesome 4th of July, lots of good friends and good food. I really wanted to decorate this year for the 4th of July, but I didn't want to spend too much money with gas prices and food shooting up so much. So, I checked out Martha Stewart! :) I loved this garland for our fireplace, and these cute napkin decorations for dinner! Then I wanted to make this star banner for around the dinner table ... I also thought the kids could going to help me make firecracker cupcakes. We've done the coconut coloring before as green grass for easter, they love it! :)

I even bought all the supplies ... but on Thursday night I was so tired I couldn't walk or see straight. So, I wimped out and put up some bunting that I bought from Jo-Ann's instead. The amazing thing was ... nobody cared and it was still an awesome 4th of July!!! LOL. :)
But we did do some fun crafty/amazing stuff. We made
fireworks (it's the video on the right hand side) ... which was a big hit with the kids. I also picked up some darling 4th of July outfits for them ... anything for a cute scrapbook page! :)I also made this drink for the kids. Mainly for the "oh my goodness Mommy! You are magic!" comments. LOL. They weren't quite as amazed as I thought they should be.

And yesterday, I started on a new project with a friend. I've never had a sew-along buddy and it was really fun. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thrifty Thursday #2

The goodwill here gets lots of Target new-in-the-box items, so we figured it was worth a look. I found this ... for only $9.99! And then Hunter has been begging for this game after playing it at a friends. Not too bad for only $5! :) Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Am I the only one?

So I was just wondering if I was the only one who does this. So, I was asked to make a gift for a gal that I go to church with. She asks for specific measurements and I do it all according to the directions. I don't get a chance to give this gift to her at the baby shower, and she has her baby. Right afterwards, I see her and realize that despite her specifications, the gift is going to be waaaaaay too big. So, I haven't given it to her, and it's been over three months. The finished gift is just sitting, waiting to be delivered. But now it feels cheesy because it is so late, and because it's going to be grossly oversized for her.

... does anyone else hit that point where it feels like it's been too long and it's now too embarrassing to give it?

Just wondering. On a slightly plus side ... here's block 5! This thing was way time consuming. But I really like the way all the colors came together. Now I'm only 5 blocks behind ... lol. :) Now it's time to hit the pool and enjoy time with the kids!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Small Finished Project!

So, my goal for July is to finish at least five WIP's. It seems a little large of a task, but I think I can do it! :) I went to my Grandma's to tie up some blankets for her/with her this weekend. It was nice to sit there and visit a bit without the kids and my poor husband was sweet enough to stay home with the kids, while struggling to get some reading done for school at the same time (thanks honey!). We got this blanket tied in no time ... and then Grandma pulled out another blanket that she was frustrated with and I finished it up for her last night. She kept the monkey blanket to tie and I'm hoping this weekend to take over the new fabric one I've bought. I'm going to keep the jungle fabric one that I just bought. I love it so much and really want to keep a few for myself ... if I don't have as many kids as blankets, then I can always pass them on. :)

Quick side note ... did you see the new inspired ideas?!?!? I love, love, love everything that she comes up with!!! The dishtowel apron seems pretty easy & straight forward ... I'm going to add it to my list of wants! :)