Monday, June 29, 2009

Forgot the elastic!

So we got home from a fun party at a friend's home on Saturday night, and as I was about to sit down & sew up the remaining part of the pj's (the elastic), I realized I had forgotten to pick some up earlier in the week! I sat there for a couple of minutes and realized that I was too dog gone tired to venture out (it'd been a long day with the kids ... and this nasty Vegas heat REALLY zaps it out of you!), so today I'm hoping to come close to finishing the pants ... now that I've picked up enough elastic (I hope!). But in the meantime, I'd like to give a big round of applause to my husband (although I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this blog). He puts up with the mess everywhere in the front room & kitchen. He encourages me, applauds with me ... and sometimes if I'm really excited about a project (and beg enough times) he'll dance a happy dance with me when it's finished (but it is a rare thing). :) Thanks honey!!! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flannel Pajamas

Usually I've bought their pj's from the Disney Store on-line, but they haven't had a decent sale in so long! And their curent pjs' are getting ripped apart and becoming belly shirts (so not cool on a boy), so I decided to use up what I had and then bought another $20 worth of flannel.
Savannah's getting 6 pairs (she couldn't decide between a monkey print & a blue w/ flower print ... so I got her both), while Colton & Hunter are getting 4 each.
Here's Savannah's fabric: Colton's: and Hunter's (he loves golfing, and space travel ... and last week he was a horsefly in a school play, so I got the cowboy stuff to remind him about that): This "Choose the Right" fabric is definitely a favorite, and there's still enough left over to make a pair for Jaxson. And now that the pants is all cut out ... I think this was an absolutely INSANE idea. Oh my goodness ... this is going to take a while to finish. LOL.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ballerina Purse

So my daughter was begging to be a pretty little ballerina dancer. So we enrolled her in a tap/dance class this summer. She's in absolute heaven. But, we keep losing her shoes. So she had to have a pretty ballerina purse, right? :) And since she's in the class with two of her cutest, best-est, best friends I told her Mom I'd make some for them to. We used a pretty ballerina print for the inside and then I put ric rac on each of the girls purses' so they could tell the difference between them.One hot pink, one green and then I used the leftovers strips for Savannah's purse. There was enough leftover flannel ballerina print that this week's goal is to use up the flannel I have and make some pj's for the kids ...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Week's Goal

So last week I had two goals. To make another butterfly artwork for a sweet little girl who was having her princess tea party and the other was to finish the last three throw pillows for our bed ... and here's the pillowcases I made also with this tutorial. I was so excited as I was finishing the final stitches on these pillows. I looked at my husband and told him, "isn't it awesome?!? Now we won't have the plain pillow forms on our floor anymore!" To which he replied, "Yep! Now we'll just have the covered pillows on the floor."He's such a teaser. LOL. But it's true ... at least now I feel more motivated to "think" about making the bed. ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Savannah's Blanket

I realized I forgot to post finished pictures of Savannah's blanket! I did the super simple 9 patch with sashing between the squares. I wanted it to be something that would look nice, have all the fun, different prints in the ginger blossom set and still be okay to be used. I know she'll color on it with something permanent at some point, or put her dirty feet on it. And that's okay. It's her blanket, for her to love and destroy.I used the stripe print for the sashing and the backing is just the sheet that came with the sheet set I got for the mattress. My kids never really use the sheets anyways and the coloring looks perfect. When I gave it to her (all finished), she hugged & kissed it and kept telling me, "thank you mommy!" :) (Blogged about: Here, here, here and here.)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Finished Wedding Gift

So I promised myself (and my husband) that I wouldn't buy or start new projects until I finished a few of my WIP's. Something about the summer makes me make that promise each year ...

So last week, the goal was to put the three hours into this blanket. Which literally took me all week long, and was only finished with a few hours left until my self-imposed deadline. It's a gift for a friend that got married a couple weeks ago. The fabulous Miss Mati did a great job quilting in the description I asked her to. And now, it's off my list, and in the mail to the newly married family. I hope they love it as much I do. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


When I first started, I didn't realize you were supposed to replace your blades ... then one day I sliced across my finger, and it didn't cut it. At all. Not even a scratch, that's when Mati suggested changing the blade. Ah-ha! What a difference!
Well I've been working on making an easy-peasy ballerina purse for Savannah. But after all the upholstery cutting I've been doing lately, it's taking three (or sometimes four) tries before I finally cut all the way across the fabric. So I took advantage of the sale at Jo-Ann's this week and picked up a new one ... and I also got a new cutting board with some birthday money my Grandma gave me. It makes me so happy. :) Yesterday was Jaxson's two month old birthday! So here's a pic I got of him last week ... loved the lighting coming thru the window like that. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tile Wording

I keep meaning to post this, and now is as good a time as any! My friend Lacie had a cricut and cut out all the vinyl lettering for me and Ryan painted the board & put the knobs on while I was pregnant (and couldn't paint). The tiles were only 20 cents each and I picked up a box of 48 of them. I have lots of cute sayings, but for the everyday, be kind seemed the best idea & reminder for our home. I also have boo, gobble, joy (for christmas), love and a couple others. Thanks Lacie for the darling cut outs!!! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Princess Dress

My Dad & Mom bought this fabric for Savannah for me to make her a dress with. Since it was already bunched up on top & finished on the bottom, it took less than 20 minutes to make & I added ribbon for the arms to hold it up. She loves to twirl in it. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Improved Front Room

Nothing like a baby blessing to get my butt in gear and get some UFO's done! Here's the before: And here's the after:The fabric was all only $3 a yard from a local home fabric store. The rug ended up being the "inspirational piece" for all the coloring ... reds, greens, browns, & yellows.

I used the thrifty decor chick & nesting place's ideas for curtains. Upholstery tacks were only $1.47 at Wal-Mart and look at the awesome pleated windows as a result!Seriously the whole window "mistreatment" took about an hour from start to finish ... love it! :)

Then I did a knock-off version of the temples from the cultural hall website. I was able to photoshop a similar looking version of the St. George temple (where we were married) and even to personalize it for only $3, the frame was $17 ... a lot cheaper than the $200 on-line price tag ($140 at Costco). The rest of the odds n' ends were picked up from Tai Pan Trading (in St. George ... love that place!). It helps complete that odd little corner ...

Then the family tree I picked up (for only $2.50 from a Hallmark clearance center a couple of years ago) was put on that little section of a wall on the window. I love the gold frame that frames it all in. It fits and fills up the space perfectly. And here's the throw pillows (I stole the stuffing from the other pillows). We pretty much already had everything, but the total spent was around $100 for all the throw pillows, curtains, frames for Ryan's diplomas, everything! LOVE IT!!! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Butterfly Artwork

So this was the inspirational piece ... and this was my version ... and my friend Christy who did one on the same day with me. (I like hers better)An awesome friend of mine cut the circles out for us using her cricut. Then it took us most of a day to lay out the pieces, and get the shapes we wanted. We hot glued the buttons down. And we stitched the paper pieces, then spray glued them down. The process of actually adhering the pieces all down took less than an hour. And the best part is, it's a LOT less than the $150 price tag of Pottery Barn Kids! :)

Price Break Down:
Scrapbook Paper - $1.20 (Bought @ Jo-Ann's for 5 sheets for $1)
Canvas Board - $9.00 (size is 24" x 24")
Buttons - $1.50 (found in the bead/craft section at Wal-Mart, one bag is 4 oz & was enough)

Revived Corner

So my friend Lisa offered us five fantastic cork boards the other week! :) I had my hubby use the staple gun to stick some cute small checkered fabric on it (which now that I'm looking at it, looks a lot like the color of cork board ... lol). I used two of the big ones for this corner next to the bathroom. Here's the before for the corner (that bookshelf was always an eye sore), which we moved into Hunter's closet: And the after with the kids artwork up ... it's my favorite corner of the home now. :) Thank you so much Lisa for thinking of us! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Three finished projects in one week!!!

Holy cow this has been a GOOD six days ... lots of sewing and finished projects ... yeah! I'm trying to get pictures of it all to post now ... but it's pretty overcast today so it might have to wait until tomorrow. Project #1 is a baby wrap. I found a tutorial here & here. Until Savannah turns 4 in August, we have three kids, three and under! It's crazy when I try to go out & Colton really isn't ready to walk, so this has been a lifesaver already! I got a 95% cotton/5% spandex interlock weave knit from Jo-Ann's for only $4 a yard! SCORE! :) I picked up enough of it to make two ... I really like the olive green coloring. Hunter was nice enough to take the pics for me ... so half my head is cut off in them ... but you still get the idea. Then here's a pic of some of the home decor fabric I picked up in the last couple of weeks for $3 a yard ... can't wait to show the cute curtains off this weekend when our friends come over for a bbq!