Friday, July 11, 2008

Dog days of Summer

I live in a town on the outskirts of Las Vegas. We're expecting a COOL DOWN of only 98-99 degrees this weekend (thank you!!!). I've thought this and heard many other moms describe this time of year as our winter. Meaning, this is the time of year when we don't go out much and really are indoors most of the day, everyday. At least the evenings cool down enough that we can enjoy it outside a bit. So, we've been doing a lot of this lately to cool down (love the Goodwill pool!).
Which means that the last thing on my mind is sitting beneath a blanket and stitching the binding or quilting anything. But, I did finish up my son's quilt top on Wednesday. It was just a simple duvet bought from IKEA & I quilted down the lines. Man it felt good to finish that up! Like ... losing ten pounds killer good. :) So ... enough is enough! Time to finish some projects ... we aren't out during the hottest parts of the day and so that leaves lots of time to work on them! I finished block #7 and am now waiting for the fabric for the setting blocks. I don't care if I'm behind, I'll get there ... but in the meantime ... my plan for this weekend is to try and finish all of these instead.

Wish me luck! And don't forget it's 711 day!!! Go out and get a yummy slurpee to celebrate!


  1. I love that quilt for Hunter's room!

    Also - Jeff went to 7-11 and they had a big sign that said "NO FREE SLURPEES" How awful, right?

  2. The 7-11 down the street let you have free slurpee's. When we walked in, he said to use the small cups (which we did) and then at check-out he said we used the wrong cups & were supposed to use the SAMPLE sized cups (which he had behind the counter ... very sneaky!) ... so we got slurpees just not free ones. :(


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