Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I know I should, but I don't

I *should* finish a project before starting on the next.
I *should* put the last ten minutes needed in to finish a project.
I *should* at least limit myself to under ten WIP's at a time.

But, unfortunately for me ... I don't. Is it just me though? Why is it I will have a project within a few moments of finishing and then I just move along? I don't have a sewing room or even a closet of my own. I use the pantry to hold my machine & fabrics. The closet has become so full again, it's embarrassing. I finished up a few odds n' ends yesterday. And the goal this week has now become to finish up the little projects this week. I finished this painting of Savannah's name for her room.
Then I finished sewing the edge on the monkey blanket and am going to make another blanket with this cute fabric from Jo-Ann's (I was so excited to see the co-ordinating flannel to go with it!). My Grandma that I'm doing this for isn't in the best of health, so hopefully I can go tie with her tomorrow, but as Grandpa puts it, they live day by day. Then I am almost done with the embroidery project, I am so in love with this! It's fast and fun!So I feel so inspired to finish that large pile of almost-finished projects now and the goal is to finish at least a few this week ... won't you join me? :)


  1. I do love when I can get a few loose ends tied up. It feels like a big accomplishment!

  2. I love the plaque for Savannah. My middle name is Marie too :)


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