Saturday, May 24, 2008

Been there. Done that.

Seriously, in Vegas the weather is so nasty this time of year. Usually we have 100+ degree weather and we have had 108 as a high already. Then, the last couple of days, the wind has rolled into the valley and the clouds are here and high 60's-low 70's weather is here! Hip-hip-hooray!!! So glad to have this brief break from the hot summer nasty weather! :) We had been planning on going out of town, but with gas skyrocketing like it has, the gas bill for the last month, combined with gas for an out of town weekend would have been too much for us. So instead, the plan is camping in the house and roasting marshmallows and having fun! :)
I finished the quilt top for the around the world baby blanket, but it ended up being too complicated looking compared to my Grandma's usual style. Each of us kids has a baby blanket from her ... mine is on the bottom, Hunter got Winnie the Pooh, Savannah got the cute purple/pink teddy bears and Colton got the alphabet blanket. Each one is just a straight yard and a half of fabric, flannel backing and tied. And I realized, it's time to stick with Grandma's original plan and make the blankets look like something she would and did make.
So, I am going to Jo-Ann's for some Debbie Mum fabric that's on sale and going to throw together her quilt tops this weekend ... and make them just like Grandma likes them. Her mental health hasn't been the greatest and I really just want to make sure we celebrate her and have each of our "future" kids with this special gift from their great-grandma. But that leaves the question of who to give this animal quilt to? I love it soooooo much and don't want to just "give it" to someone that isn't ultra special. ;)


  1. I was at Jo-Ann's today too. The lines were soooo long and I couldn't even find the fabric I wanted!

    Love those baby blankets, and your "around the world" blanket is so cute!!

  2. Beautiful blanket! I too would have a tough time just parting with such a treasure! Your star blocks (on the side bar) look great...I cant wait to see the whole quilt!


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