Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Am I the only one?

So I was just wondering if I was the only one who does this. So, I was asked to make a gift for a gal that I go to church with. She asks for specific measurements and I do it all according to the directions. I don't get a chance to give this gift to her at the baby shower, and she has her baby. Right afterwards, I see her and realize that despite her specifications, the gift is going to be waaaaaay too big. So, I haven't given it to her, and it's been over three months. The finished gift is just sitting, waiting to be delivered. But now it feels cheesy because it is so late, and because it's going to be grossly oversized for her.

... does anyone else hit that point where it feels like it's been too long and it's now too embarrassing to give it?

Just wondering. On a slightly plus side ... here's block 5! This thing was way time consuming. But I really like the way all the colors came together. Now I'm only 5 blocks behind ... lol. :) Now it's time to hit the pool and enjoy time with the kids!


  1. I don't think it's too late now... it will be once she stops nursing :) Is there any quick way you could make it smaller?

    I love this square!! I think that checkered fabric is so cute :)

  2. A gift is NEVER to late to give! Everyone loves to receive a gift to know that someone is still thinking about them.

    I am always sad when someone promises me a gift, especially a homemade one, and then never delivers on their promise. :(

    If it were me, I would put a note with it and say exactly what you think....

    I would say that you made it to the exact measurements that she gave you, but you think she is way too tiny for it. Tell her that you hope that she can still use it and you enjoyed making it for her.

    It will give her a compliment that you think that she is small and believe me, she will still be able to use it.

    There you go, suggestions from the Public Relations Firm of Bridget Earl Pehrson Incorporated! :)

    I hope you give it to her. Handmade gifts are the BEST!

  3. I need to hire that PR firm!!


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