Monday, July 21, 2008

Project 3 in 14 -Embroidery Alphabet-

So St. George didn't happen, but the beach did instead! I'll have to post some photos from our whirlwind trip to California tomorrow. For today though, I finished another project! I got this done, except for the french knots ... which are mentally really difficult for me ... I don't know why. So, I sat down and forced myself keep reading & re-reading the tutorial on-line until ... I got it! :) I was making this originally for my Grandma here in town ... but she told me the other day that she doesn't want any more stuff for her house, so the finished one is now Savannah's and Grandma will get a loaf of bread & freezer jam instead (no clutter there, just yummy goodness!). :)


  1. That turned out so beautiful! I think that is was good that your Grandma was honest and no Savannah has your handmade treasure.

    I will post on my craft site how you set the colors in needlepoint before you frame it. (In case you or others don't know.)

  2. I forgot to say that french knots are hard to master. Well done!


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