Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bloggy Break

So I didnt' mean to not post for so long. Lots is happening here ... I signed up for another craft fair next weekend (yikes!) and then I thought getting my wisdom teeth out this last week was a good idea too??? Ouch still. I hope to have some pictures to post soon ... and it's almost time to pull out the Christmas decorations, I can't believe it! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall

So every year we have a first day of fall feast, which is tonight! YEAH! :) This year, I'm debating about our regular routine and trying to come up with some food the kids will eat. So far I'm thinking mashed yams, corn pudding, pumpkin dip,and then I saw this yummy recipe and thought the kids might like it (more than the traditional pumpkin soup I make). Then we're putting up the fall decorations today. Can you think of anything else to do?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Christy's Baby Shower

So we had the baby shower this last weekend. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I put all the decorations up and it wasn't quite as festive as I wanted. Here's the "welcome baby" scrapbook banner I made. There were two other banners up as well.I tried to find somewhere to buy some basic balloons (helium filled) that morning, but everywhere I went they were out or didn't do it? What's up with that??? Balloons would have definitely finished the whole thing off perfectly.Her sisters, Mom & sister-in-laws did all the food and it was so yummy! Of course the fact that I skipped breakfast had nothing to do with my obsession with the tiny costco quiche. LOL.Ironically when I went grocery shopping the other day I had found some silverware in yellow, nice sturdy stuff on clearance! And then the tablecloths & napkins too. I wrapped those up & tied them with ribbon. Christy asked for a diaper shower, I think that they covered that area rather nicely. I made the Bakerella's cowboy cookies w/ green, yellow, blue & brown m & m's (to tie into the color scheme) and wrapped them up in these cute little take out boxes as a giveaway.And notice the cute bow on top of the diaper cake instead of the freaky little monkey? I think she had a good time ... and now little baby ... come out soon! We're anxious to meet you! Oh, and in case you were wondering ... we still have our freaky little sock monkey hanging around. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Freaky-Deaky Monkey

Next time that I am nervous & unsure about something, maybe I should listen to it. So I decided to share my shame, since not EVERYTHING turns out right, right? It probably would have been salvageable, if I hadn't stitched up the legs (the first thing you do) wrong, then cut them and left the freaky little monkey with a butt on it's hip.
But, I was convinced I could fix that, so I went on. And stitched his tail on his butt-hip. And since I don't know how to do an invisible stitch, I figured it wouldn't really matter, right? But it does! And it's my little freaky-deaky monkey mistake. LOL.
I told my husband about it, and he IMMEDIATELY went into his re-assuring, "Oh honey, I'm sure it's fine" speech. But halfway thru that statement, I pulled out the monkey and he stifled a laugh and told me he was sorry. Ha ha ha.
Oh well, I'm just going to stick a bow on the top of the diaper cake and call it all good. Today I need to pick up some tissue paper for those paper balls.
Hunter looked at it this morning and said, "You're right Mommy, it's bottom is on the wrong side. It didn't come out very well, why not?" Thanks Hunter for pointing that out, I feel so much better now.
And of course, the best part? Colton has decided he loves it this morning and won't put it down ... this thing WILL NOT stay in my home ... I have to put my foot down. Or else it may stay forever. Sorry Colton.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Intimidating ...

You know how you want to do something, but you find the whole process intimidating and never do it? Yeah, that would be the sock monkey thing. Mainly because ... there's no room for error! I mean, the cute socks I got cost FOUR dollars (not much ... but it really is at the same time!) and I'm nervous to start hacking into them ...but I will today, honest! LOL.
Before the end of this week, you will be so sick of hearing about this baby shower ... I know you will. I finished the cute little banner and will post some pics of it when it's hung up. I also cut some fabric out to make some totes. I love/hate purses. Mainly because I always seem to be too rough on them and ruin them too quickly. So, I cut these ones out of upholstery fabric, hopefully that will allow them to take the beating I tend to give ALL my purses. The plan is to list one or two of them on etsy tomorrow, but we'll have to see how my day goes.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mod Monkey Awesome-ness!!!

Look at this little guy! He's sitting up on his own! So exciting to see him doing this. :) I've been busy working on a fun baby/diaper shower for a friend that is coming up this weekend. I had been planning on something else, but when I saw this, I had to do it! :) She was generous enough to offer the downloads for the cute graphics she made too! I've gotten most of it done, just need to make some tissue paper balls, finish the paper banners and then a sock monkey.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A new favorite blog ...

We survived the weekend! YEAH! Ryan got back mid-day Monday and I was treated to a 3 hour, middle of the afternoon nap. Oh, I needed it too. I was so tired, whenever I sat down or tried to stand back up, all I could see was spots & I was sooooo dizzy! Why is it the kids know that you're on your own, so they immediately stop sleeping & want to visit with you at 2 am? LOL. Anyways, I'm working on a couple things to hopefully post in the store tomorrow ... it's fun to craft with a purpose (to fund a new serger ... yeah!). In the meantime, I am severely lacking in the cooking department, and this new blog has me captivated. I love everything about her postings, the photographs, the words, the recipes! :) Check it out!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shhhhh ... don't tell my husband!

Since he's out of town ... well ... let's go for it! I have NO craft space. Seriously none. So, I really wanted to clear out that stuff that I made for last year's craft show. And then I was debating about signing up for it again. What do you think? Anyways, I listed the stuff on my etsy site. I put those ice skate stockings, and some care bears on. Now I'm working on getting a new butterfly artwork done and listed as well. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Crafty Links

So I host a little group of people to my home to talk about food storage/family preparedness and being frugal. This month's theme is 101 gifts for under $10. I'm hoping to find more than 101, but it's taking all my free time coming up with ideas (beyond the generic ... make them a quilt! idea). Here's the first 60 links that I've found so far:

Then I was thinking of other ideas like:

  • Rather than an easy bake oven (which the ingredients can be SUPER expensive!): Make some pre-made cookie in a jar mixes, add an apron & a chef hat!
  • My kids favorite thing to do is search for books at the local thrift store. Grab a handful of books *used* and it's usually 25-50 cents a book, instead of $8-$15!
  • Make a family recipe book and gather the recipes from all the extended family. Each year (for the next several years), send them one section of the cookbook.
  • Trade services (like baby-sitting, etc.) with someone who IS crafty & has the time, to do it some things for you.
  • October is clearance time for the toys stores ... get $15 gifts for 75% off (that's only $3.75 each!).
  • Pre-made cookie mixes are always a hit!
  • For a great selection of ideas, check out this blog posting!

So ... do you have any more ideas???

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Way, way back in history (back in April!) I was approached by my kids. They had decided what the PERFECT halloween costumes would be. Hunter (the video game obsessed) wanted to be Mario, Colton should be Luigi & Savannah wanted to be Princess Peach. After much thought, they even decided they would let the baby in on the fun ... he's going to be a toadstool. Which is fun, and cheap.
Except for the problem of finding similar colored overalls in a 2T & a 7/8 boys. I thought I had found a solution when a friend picked some up for me in Utah. Only, the waist on both ended up being the same width ... that's right ... the 7/8 & the 2/3 were the same waist size. LOL.
So, I am listing them on e-bay to recoup the money & then found some similar ones for $11 at the local thrift store. It works out to be cheaper this way anyways ... now to trim the women's overalls (size small) to a 7/8 length & fit ... wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Coupon Addiction/Problem

I've always been a big time bargain shopper, but I never really coupon shopped until recently. My proudest moment so far, was when I was able to get $65 worth of groceries for less than $10. It was sweeeet! But, in all this couponing madness, I feel like I'm losing a bit of myself in this. There's always a lot of work involved & I find myself constantly checking the bargain blogs for more information.
Between that and then the kids, there's no time to craft, no time to thrift store shop ... no quality time for the things I love. I still can't find a happy medium between it all.
That being said, today was a special treat! I got to go to a thrift store! It was wonderful. :) My oldest is having a hard time at the school library. They won't let him check out chapter books since he is just at the beginning of first grade. But, he's a wonderful reader. So I went today & got a TON of great chapter books for him (Captain Underpants isn't a personal favorite, but he'll love it) and a couple of books for Savannah & Colton as well. Only fifty cents a book ($5 for the large Winnie the Pooh book) and I can't begin to tell you how good it felt. I can't wait to read a bit together tonight! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My new skirt ... maybe.

So I am not a fan of twirly skirts on my body ... I double in size wearing them ... or at least I *hope* that it's the skirt, and not me ALL me. LOL. Anyways, I made a skirt for myself the other day, but chickened out of wearing it to church. I don't know ... when are you too old to wear a red polka dot/cherry print skirt? And is it even a cute skirt in the first place??? * Sorry about the semi-blurry pic ... and the handy manny saw on the floor ... I was in a bit of a rush today. *

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Dress in Progress

When Savannah saw the butterfly shirt I made for Shaelee, her first question was, where's mine? LOL. So, I am making her a cute butterfly shirt of her own & a matching skirt. For the skirt, I'm using this tutorial. It should be done today ... yeah! :) Although ... what was i thinking using white type fabric & a white shirt for a four year old???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holy Cow!

Seriously, I was so excited when Ohdeedoh contacted me to do this! I am very, very proud of that little alphabet mural ... mainly because it took so much time & effort to make it! :) If you're looking for the posting, it's here. And the large letter C was from Jo-Ann's & only $8 (I used a 40% off coupon on it.). Thanks for stoping by! :)

How to Make a Candy Lei

I have a fantastic friend who's family is Somoan. She made these for the kids at their preschool graduation, and they are so fun & easy! So when Hunter graduated from Kindergarten, I made him a couple of candy leis (since all the girls mom's were bringing flowers ... and we all KNOW that is NOT cool for a boy). He loved them & of course, the morning of when he saw them begged me to make them for his entire class group (all 60 of them!) ... needless to say that didn't happen. But he did give one away to a special friend & then shared the rest with any friend he could find ... such a sweet boy. :)

**Quick Disclaimer ... I *KNOW* I probably over did it on the instructions ... but let me know if it doesn't make sense.*

For a candy lei, you'll need:
  • Small wrapped candies (chocolate ones are always a favorite, but in the Vegas heat they melt too fast!)
  • scissors
  • curling ribbon
  • saran wrap
I have a large kitchen table, so I generally will pull out the plastic wrap to cover the full length of the table (whatever length you pull your saran wrap ... your necklace will be a little less than half that length at the end).
Then lay the candies on two sides of the saran wrap. Lay them very, very close together, if they are too far apart, they will end up falling out.
I was able to fit 20 candies easily on each side. It probably would have been better to have them even closer.
Cut the saran wrap in half now. Straight down the middle & this will make two seperate necklaces for you. When I try & cut it before I place the candy down, the saran wrap pulls up, and gets tangled. The weight of the candy will make it all stay down & easier for you.
Fold the saran wrap in half over the candies.
Cut 5-6" lengths of curling ribbon for the ties on the necklace & then twist the saran wrap around each individual candy. Starting on the second candy, twist & tie the curling ribbon. I usually double tie, just to make sure it's tight. Make sure to twist a couple times each candy, this creates a little wrap around each candy & makes them stay in the necklace safely.Take your scissors & curl each indiviual ribbon. Then, take the two ends, pull them together & twist them around each other. Then tie the ribbon next to the two candies. This will make your necklace stay together better & look more seamless.

Enjoy!!! I hope this makes sense ... let me know if you have any questions! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Colton Turns 2!!!

So yesterday my little bubba became a two year old. Holy cow time really does just fly by with kids, doesn't it?!?!? So of course, we broke out the birthday banner and decorated a bit w/ some streamers. Then I had seen this amazing idea for a rainbow birthday cake! PERFECT!!! I halved her recipe and made the perfect sized 6 layer cake, which was fun ... but REALLY time consuming.And I've seen the idea of putting their number on a shirt for them & loved the idea ... someone should explain to him that it was important to smile for the camera ... this was the best shot I got of it (lol)! :) Happy Birthday Colton!!!

The *Joy* of Year-Round School

So my little kindergartener, finally graduated! :) And we have been busily trying to soak up every moment we can of our whole TWO weeks of summer vacation (he starts first grade on Monday).Isn't that the best/worst part of year-round school though? The breaks during the year are nice, but I would MUCH rather have my boy home for a long summer break. And with the summer's so hot here in Vegas, they don't even get to have recess or play time really from mid-May to mid-August!
Anyways, back to the point ... I made ten gumball gifts for all his different teachers. I had seen the idea a long time ago while I was flippin' through blogs and can't remember where now (sorry!). But the saying was, "thanks for chews-ing to teach at Walker Elementary School".
*sorry for the bad picture, we were running really late*
Then I had Hunter sign his name on the back of each one. He was in absolute heaven taking presents to all of his teachers on the last day, and many of the teachers (like music, P.E. & library) were actually surprised to get a thank you gift too. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Butterfly Shirt

So one of Savannah's best friends is having a birthday party today. They are actually only one day apart, and she just loves the two sisters ... so I wanted to make something special for Shalee.I whipped up some pants using this tutorial. The pants that I made for 4th of July using the same tutorial have held up really well, except for Hunter's. But he's gotten to that rough & gruff boy stage where he's ripped a hole in every single pair of jeans he owns. Then there is a template for the butterfly shape that I put on the shirt at this blog.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Fairy Birthday

Woah, it's finally over! It may not look like a lot of work ... but with so many little ones under foot, it really took all of my free time to do this party! :)I bought this digital scrappin' kit and used it for the party invite & to make some cute cupcake toppers. Savannah wanted them to be all the colors of the rainbow ... I made tissue paper flowers and put them all around the house,and arranged butterflies everywhere too (thankfully my Mom was there to help the day prior ... or nothing would have gotten done as easily). A simple sign was made to welcome the girls when they arrived. I enlarged one of the fairies from the digi-kit and made a pin the wand on the fairy game. Large flowers & butterflies were hung from the chandelierMy friend Lacie found a great website for the fairy wings & pre-made wands. And I made the tutu's using this tutorial (although it would have been cheaper to buy them with the fairy wings). Jedi/Elf Robes were made for the two boys using a robe pattern.She was in absolute heaven having her friends over to play & celebrate her birthday with her. They didn't seem as interested in the games I had planned, but just playing on the swing set. And now, thank heaven! It's done!