Sunday, July 27, 2008

Project 6 in 14 -Butterfly Kisses-

Here is the final product of a baby blanket for a SIL due any time now. I call it butterfly kisses. I wanted to do something that wasn't as baby-ish and would work for her as she grows into a toddler. Since it was for a cousin, I got the kids all involved on it. Hunter & Savannah helped determine where each color stripe would go and believe me ... it was an entire afternoon of debating about it all for Hunter. It was really sweet. I LOVE having flannel backing on baby blankets. So many times when I'm at church or out and about, the baby will fall asleep in my arms. And flannel is so soft and warm and it's always nice to lay the baby down on something like that. Usually since it's a nice warm spot they won't wake up for me because of that flannel. I have a couple of baby blankets I was given for Hunter that had flannel or fleece on them and they get the most use because of that. It's nice to have it done and going in the mail. I wouldn't show it usually until she got it but I am 99.99% sure she doesn't read this blog ... so it's all good. :)


  1. How wonderful! So bright and pretty. She'll love it-- and get tons of use out of it too. I used flannel as a quilt back for the first time recently. It just works so well and really is super soft. It's good to hear that it is a good practical choice too! :)

  2. Beatiful! Those butterflies are so cute.


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