Friday, July 18, 2008

Project 2 in 14 -Magnet Board-

I should point out, that not all of the projects are monumental ... you know how you buy things or accumulate things from other people and *plan* on doing something with them ... and then never do? Or how you have had ideas linger for months, even years and then you miss the opportunity? So that's the kind of projects (for the most part) I'm hoping to complete.

Like today's finished project ... my poor baby has been miserable & sick (I think it's the air quality ... all the California fires have created HORRIBLE smog here). I have been holding him while he sleeps so he won't gag and cough constantly ... but it meant I needed a simple project for the day, so I could still make that goal. :)

Last week the little characters were 3 for 99 cents at Jo-Ann's. I had seen this darling idea here and shamelessly copied it for my boys room. I already had a large magnetic board (from IKEA), so I just used it ... not quite as cute with a white board ... but still awesome ... and DONE (which means it's perfect)! Hunter has been making up games for us to play with them, and already we've lost a couple of the guys ... but I'm sure they'll turn up as soon as the room is clean. Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Neat idea! I have a stainless steel fridge, and magnets don't stick to those at all... what a great alternative this is! (And those are some seriously nifty magnets you've got there!) :)

  2. Great idea! I'm sure Hannah would love this with princesses :)


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