Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just sittin ...

I'm sitting here holding the baby who FINALLY went to sleep, waiting (anxiously) to see the season finale to Celebrity Apprentice. Haven't really been a huge apprentice fan, but definitely have gotten into it the last couple of weeks. :) But, I wanted to make sure to share this cute little purse I made for my daughter! I followed this tutorial over at Purl Bee and it was so easy and fun to make! I used some material that I have had in my stash forever (picked up from Jo-Ann's at least three years ago) and an old fabric belt for the straps (my friend gave it to me instead of goodwill). Savannah obviously wanted that belt. :) Than I saved the rings from the belt for a bebe au lait (to be made later). The inside dots were a garage sale find and I have yards and yards of that stuff. The only hard part is that the size of the bag didn't allow much of the design fabric to come thru well, definitely going to make this bigger next time. It was a super fast little thing and my daughter is loving it. :) The only adjustment I made was sewing the lining and outer fabric separately instead of together like the instructions said.

Just call me seam-ripper!

So, I am very new at this sewing thing. I mean, really new. I've been attending a weekly quilting group with my church (and loving every minute of it!) since September and that's what has really helped me to grow and get so much better than I ever thought possible. But for some reason, the corners on binding really trip me up. I don't know why, but I never seem to sew those corners on right. So, I've been working on pulling out the binding on this Christmas unfinished WIP ...
and then I've been slowly, but steadily working on the Mario cross-stitch, only to discover a HUGE mistake! Maybe there should be a rule that you DON'T cross-stitch after midnight ... but I made such a colossal error that I am going to have to completely un-pick my fifth Mario on that dang thing. So, I'm just using my seam ripper on that section too. It's such an awesome tool ... but I always wince a little when I realize I'm going to have to actually use it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ruffle Aprons - finished!!! -

I love, love, love this apron tutorial! Such a fun idea, I was convinced that I *needed* one (for my daughter and I). So I got within an hour or so of finishing matching ones for us for Thanksgiving last year. And then life got in the way and I kept promising myself I would finish it for each of the upcoming holidays ... Christmas, New Years, my husband's birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter ... but! At least it's done for Mother's Day. LOL. I used some random scraps of odds n' ends yard sale material ... I LOVE the bottom fabric, it's got cute chickens on it but you don't see it as well. Right now, Savannah is wearing it all around the house ... she's my biggest fan of my homemade goodies. I have a matching one ... but there is NO way I'm modeling it. ;)

Monday, March 24, 2008

A little off-subject

So I had another blog where I was posting the sewing, crafting stuff. Along with pictures and family information. But I could never shake the feeling that I didn't *know* who was seeing them, who was checking out my kids. And especially with my last name (dumb I know!) as part of the blog title, it left nothing to the imagination ... so I started a new and different blog. Without our names in the title, without the kids pictures & family updates as much. Just about the crafts. Which, I should have something finished tonight ... I hope. It's amazing as my little chunkers has started crawling everywhere .... life has literally stopped. Everything just requires a new level of dedication and everything else is being swept off to the side ... including my crafts. LOL.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

So I went for a different idea on Easter egg decorating this year. First of all, we made and hid less eggs. The kids never are really interested in them (not when there are candy ones to be found!). Then, I found a kit where you actually color on the eggs. The kids loved decorating them with their own style and trying to come up with their own unique designs (although my oldest son found it frustrating to paint on a curve). They turned out darling and I think we'll definitely do this again next year!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A finished WIP!

So I love this bath mat idea and finally finished one yesterday! I had only really planned on making one, but the more I look at it, all lonely on the bathroom floor ... I realize it needs a second and third mat to keep it company. I'm not sure I really like this color set-up personally, but I do not spend a lot of money on fabric, and I'm sure it will grow on me more. :) But before I make two more bathmats, this unfinished wip is hoping to be finished today ...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mario Cross-Stitch

My 5 yo is HUGE into mario, video games and anything with a control stick to it. LOL. So, when I saw this I knew he'd be ecstatic to have one of his own and he has been very excited about it. He checks daily to see how much of it is done. I only am doing two strands a day, so it's taking a while ... here's the progress at week 3 ...


I have twenty six unfinished and hundreds of want to start projects ... thought it would be fun to have a craft blog about them all! :)