Friday, July 25, 2008

Projects 4 &5 in 14 -Blankets-

Ryan is coming back today! YEAH! 14 days is a REALLY long time to be gone ... we did get to see him the whole 36 hours during last weekend ... but it was too short of a visit. The kids have missed him terribly and we are all excited to have Poppa Bear home tonight! And I am REALLY excited for sleeping in tomorrow morning ... ha!Only two more by Tuesday to make my goal! :)
The top blanket and the bottom aren't going to be completely finished by me, but I still count them as individual projects. The bottom one is for my Grandma June to tie up. And then the red bold blanket (on top) is being sent over to the fabulous Miss Mati. Her quilting is absolutely stunning and I am getting an awesome deal from her. Piano lessons for quilting. I think I'm getting the better end of that bargain too! :)

Right now she's working on a blanket for Savannah's birthday that will probably cost me months & months of piano (but it's so worth it!) and then this will be sent over sometime after that. It's for a SIL that's due later this year. At first I thought it would be much too bold, but it really turned out cute and when I saw the pictures of how she painted her boys' rooms I knew that this blanket would have a perfect home with her. But of course ... no close up pictures until after she gets it. ;)
The middle photo is of the project #6. It's a baby blanket for a SIL that is having her first baby. I hope to have it done tomorrow sometime.

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