Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bringing in the Harvest

We had our first snow here in Cheyenne the other day. I have to admit I have very mixed feelings. SOOOO grateful to have this horrible, hot stiffling (with no a/c) summer over with! So glad to be able to stop watering the garden .. but also very sad about the end of six months of gardening (we started LOTS of seedlings inside) and also sad to face the bitter cold that is coming our way.
We were able to harvest 15 sugar pumpkins this year. The kids were so excited, and my oldest, Hunter was REALLY excited for the gray jarrahdale pumpkins (an heirloom variety) that he grew and sold on his own.
So rather than focus on the sad, I am staying busy enjoying the wonderful opportunities that fall brings. We are processing our own pumpkin puree this year! :) And with fall brings wonderful colors and a change in wardrobe. :) I'm excited to find some personal time for sewing projects and to blog a bit more too. Here's to hoping right?
I also posted lots of new things in my etsy store lately. Here's a link to check it all out!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

First bit o' chill

I live in Cheyenne, WY. Which means that *generally* (i.e. - every year that we've been here) there has been SNOW by September 15th. September 15th. The leaves don't change colors, we don't really get to have the cute autumn front door step covered in pumpkins, because generally it is really covered in snow & ice.
This year has been a bit different. This year, it's September 13th and the frost still hasn't come and no snow in sight ... yet. But yesterday was the first really chilly day in the fall, which now has my mind whirring with ideas and possibilities for the front section of my house. It's a narrow little area, about 2 feet by 4 feet. And nine months out of the year it's an ABSOLUTE mess because of all the coats, etc. that tend to gather there. So I have been searching for ideas and have come up with these ones ...
I want to make a shelf for the coats using this tutorial (picture found via pinterest).
And then try to decorate it really cute like this gal's amazing shelf (pic found via pinterest ... again).
Then I want a cute little sitting bench like this one from ana-white (photo from her site ... unfortunately not mine ... yet!)
 But since it's technically only 21" across (not even 2 feet!) for the entryway ... I'm guessing a big ol' tub will be more realistic for the space.
Oh! And I don't want to pay anything for it ... we'll see. Maybe if I ever finish re-painting the chairs that I started in March I could talk my husband into making it for me??? :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Girl Craft Night

My daughter and I have tried to keep the tradition of having a girl craft night once a week. Sometimes we fail, but mostly we succeed. Last night we were finishing up our crate book shelves (tutorial/idea found here). The girls room is so small and cramped and this was the PERFECT low cost solution to giving a much needed home for all of her random books.

$5 for the crate (using a coupon) and we already had the paint and supplies. I can't WAIT to put these babies up on the wall this week! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Movie Night

We have a family tradition like many others, family movie night. But my goal has become more & more lately to not just have a movie night, but have a fun night with an activity or special treat that is themed to the movie. But I have to be honest, most ideas I found on-line were NOT cheap or easy. Both of which I really needed, until I came across a few gems on-line. :)
This week was the first time that we did this. My husband had read the kids' Charlotte's Web and it's a movie I remember loving as a child. So that was the first movie we requested from Netflix.
So I made some pizzas using this fabulous tutorial (she shows you how to make a spider out of olives! My kids freaked out they thought it was so cool!). And then I took some simple paper plates & hole punched them like crazy and wrapped some tape around the ends of yarn, so it wouldn't fray on the kids. And voila! little red spider webs to make while watching the movie.
 (Sorry for the photos ... it was late & I was just glad I remembered to document at all)
Now the kids are begging to do this as a weekly tradition of sorts ... hmmm, guess it's time to start checking for more ideas! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!!!

I haven't had much time to post - mainly because I've been making TONS of these little beauties ...
I've got a HUGE assortment of colors available at my shop (link is here).

The best sellers are this dark purple 3.5" cutie - in fact I'm shipping some off tonight for a wedding! Eek! :)

And my girls favorite is this hot pink 3.5" flower! Definitely a girlie favorite in our home!

So I'm working on some new crafts & promise to take the time to post them soon! :) Have a great weekend!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Winners of the giveaway ...

So I used that random number generator and got ...

Bethany said...
Teal Silk Satin Singed Edge Flower Hair ClipGray/Silver Silk Satin Singed Edge Flower Hair ClipBrown Silk Satin Singed Edge Flower on Hair ClipI love all of them, but those are my favorites!Thanks!


Krystina said...
Red, pink and teal are my favorites! Thanks for the chance, these are lovely!

CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!! I'll be e-mailing you for your addresses so we can get these shipped to you ASAP! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway This Week!

Giveaway now closed - thank you to all who entered! And if you are interested, check out my etsy store! THANK YOU!!! :)Welcome to this week's Sew Mama Sew giveaway! I make a HUGE selection (16 colors to be exact) of handmade, singed edge silk satin flowers that I sell in my etsy store.I'll be giving away three flowers (on hair clips, so you can add them to your own headband, or tuck them above a ponytail, on your own bobby pins, etc. - it's all about getting a good deal!!!) ... and since I think it's not fair to only have one person win, I'll give away to TWO people! Here's the link to the store to check out the color options even better!All I ask is that you comment with which three you would want personally (it'll make it easier to get your package ready for you when you win!). The giveaway is open until Friday night at midnight (MST). And I'm sorry, but I can only ship these within the USA.And if you're interested in buying your own ... I sell the hair clips for $4 regularly, but with the coupon code SewMama20, you can get 20% off! So that's only $3.20 each ... great deal!!! Also check out the other bulk ordering options for an even greater discount! :) I also host giveaways on my facebook page, go here to like it! :)

To join in on the other giveaways ... go to Sew Mama Sew to see the other goodies up for grabs this week! And I have three tutorials almost finished & ready to add, but they will show up below this posting since it's supposed to stay up for a week! Good luck everyone! :)