Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day Aprons

Baby #4 is very colicky, so not much has been happening here. But I wanted to share the aprons I made for my Mom & Grandma for Mother's Day. I used this tutorial and loved it! I want to go get some zebra print fabric now (I saw some at Jo-Ann's yesterday) and make myself one with a pink tie ... it'll be cute! Unfortunately, the flash photo isn't the best, but the close up detail shows the colors for my Grandma's better. This apron took about 40 minutes to make for me, and that included a major jam up/bent needle and de-fuzzing the inside of my machine. Definitely want to do this again! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks you guys! It's not a finished project ... there's still curtains, the bed quilt & a bed skirt to be made ... but it's been a slow work in progress (I've been collecting the stuff for over a year) ... so I'm not too worried. I'm hoping to find more odds n' ends to put on the shelves as time goes on. It's fun doing it with her though. :)

I never posted the pic of the kids in their shirts (mainly because there still isn't a 100% wonderful pic of all three with their shirts to show) ... but here's a pic taken at Kiddie Kandids the other day that kind-of shows them.
Then I completely spaced a gift that is due next week! Oops!!! I already made the quilt top ... but I haven't been feeling well enough to actually sit & sew ... guess it's time to suck it up and get to work on this sucker, she's getting married next weekend and I wanted to give it to (on time).
**Sorry for the bad pic**
Just a simple patchwork of one of the mary englebriet charm packs. I loved how bright & happy it was ... just like the bride-to-be. I pulled it out last night to at least pin, but fell asleep ... maybe today instead of a nap I can get it at least pinned???

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Savannah's Room

Today is my husband's first day back at work since the baby was born. I'm trying to find a new groove ... one that (so far) hasn't involved a real shower ... lol. This fantastic baby stage doesn't last long enough and I am trying to soak it all up with Jax ... he may be our last little baby. But I wanted to share these pics real quick of Savannah's room ...
Ryan hung up the shelves on the wall for me after I made a floor diagram of it all ... all of the items are things that I've been slowly collecting/re-purposing for her. I took that shelf & mod podge'd on some scrapbook paper. I really like the way that green polka dot background makes everything pop! I filled it up with some dolls on top that were given to her (one from Russia, one from South America and the Hello Kitty doll from China), and put a thrift store find on the bottom. Then I had painted around a basic corkboard and stapled fabric on it to hold some pics for her. My favorite is that shelf for the purses ... I am meaning to paint it, but for now it's up & those purses have a home. We still can't find about half of them though. The bucket is in the closet (it took up too much floor space) holding lots of baby blankets now.
Next up: to frame the ABC sampler & then later this week I want to make the butterfly art work (similar to this) for the other side.