Monday, May 26, 2008

Lots of Fun Goin' On! :)

So, I went to Jo-Ann's for their sale, but made sure to show up super early in the day and the lines were almost non-existent (compared to what I expected at least!) ... and it was going great ... except for the whole, forgot my wallet & had to spend 30 minutes driving back home, getting it and going back thing. LOL. I picked up the flannel for the backings on the blankets and the fabric for the second blanket to be tied by Grandma. It's a Debbie Mumm love her designs!) and I don't know about your children, but I definitely think mine are all little monkeys sometimes. :)
Here are some more close-ups of the quilt top, seriously love this blanket! :)
My friend and I were talking about Memorial Day Weekend vacations, and she coined this weekend perfectly, a stay-cation! LOL. The kids have been "camping" in a tent ... and Daddy was named the official camp chef. Seriously, who knew so many things could be deep-fried??? He made these yummy versions of smore's for the kids (again deep-fried), I will have to take pictures of next time ... the kids loved them! :) And now here is the pile of WIP blankets ... time to get to work today! Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all the men & women who serve us all so we can enjoy our freedom.

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