Saturday, May 3, 2008

How does that saying go?

When the Daddy's away, the mice will play ... is that how it goes? Definitely true, with Ryan gone for the night, it means a very late night of being freaked out by every little noise & lots and lots of sewing time! And man, it felt sooooo good to sit down and actually make something again!!! It's been way too long with no creative juices flowing or anything productive getting done! But, I had to at least finish up the quilt block for this month's block a month program at a local quilt store.... and I also finished (finally) the quilt top for Grandma to tie ... there's lots of other things that are almost finished too now, but not quite ready for showing. :)
Then I bought some fun, new fabric today! I needed some fabric for the block a week over by Amanda Jean & I really, really like the colors I picked up for it. I am planning on making a cute matching bag to hold the blanket in (just like she did) and making this our official picnic blanket. I also got that cute lightning bug fabric on clearance (for $5 a yard)! Planning on a baby sling for that. And then, this is quite the departure (color-wise) for me ... but I really, really LOVE Eric Carle stories and this fabric was so fantastic and even better IRL. Jeanette (a gal I went with) had a fantastic little strip sewing quilt out of that and I am so excited to make this for my daughter. Mati suggested the idea of buying a couple of panels and giving these as baby gifts ... maybe that's a good idea for one or two?

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