Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Small Finished Project!

So, my goal for July is to finish at least five WIP's. It seems a little large of a task, but I think I can do it! :) I went to my Grandma's to tie up some blankets for her/with her this weekend. It was nice to sit there and visit a bit without the kids and my poor husband was sweet enough to stay home with the kids, while struggling to get some reading done for school at the same time (thanks honey!). We got this blanket tied in no time ... and then Grandma pulled out another blanket that she was frustrated with and I finished it up for her last night. She kept the monkey blanket to tie and I'm hoping this weekend to take over the new fabric one I've bought. I'm going to keep the jungle fabric one that I just bought. I love it so much and really want to keep a few for myself ... if I don't have as many kids as blankets, then I can always pass them on. :)

Quick side note ... did you see the new inspired ideas?!?!? I love, love, love everything that she comes up with!!! The dishtowel apron seems pretty easy & straight forward ... I'm going to add it to my list of wants! :)


  1. I love those soft colors on the top quilt. That's the kind of quilt I would love to cuddle up in!

  2. What a great time that you were able to have with your Grandma.

  3. You are amazing...seriously. I have been so busy that I have felt totally uninspired with the blog, but the good news is, I started taking classes to learn Adobe photoshop so that I can finally start scrapbooking. I tried to do it without knowing anything, and got completely intimidated. You have totally got it going on though, so I better get my act together!


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