Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project 1 in 14 -Animal Blanket-

So the goal is 7 projects in 14 days ... here's the first one! **It's sad that I have enough projects to accomplish this goal ... too many projects just about done!**

So I made this blanket and was planning on giving it to a friend for a baby gift. But then I was talking with my husband who "insisted" that I keep it for Colton (who still didn't have a homemade blanket from Mommy). I love this fabric so much, I was happy to keep it! :)
Then, I have been wracking my brain about the quilting. I only use a walking foot and am so new at all of this, a quilting foot has seemed a HUGE undertaking. I just did the whole flip out method on it and then as I was talking to my friend the other day, the idea for it just came! A compass would be PERFECT!!!! So I looked and looked thru google images and found two different pictures I liked and then photo-shopped them together to look like this ... then I enlarged it to 200% and used it as a guide for the whole thing. It's centered so that the points actually point to the North, East, South & West on the panel. Here's a good shot of the back of it ...I. love. it. Look at how it all came together!!! **Just don't look too closely and notice all the flaws!** I really enjoyed the quilting ... since it wasn't entirely straight lines across the entire quilt. Now this is being put away until next month and his birthday, I plan on giving him a book to go with it. :)


  1. 7 projects in 14 days? You go, girl!

    That quilt is wonderful! I love how you used the panel and then surrounded it with pieced blocks. The quilted compass was definitely a stroke of genius. Beautiful!

  2. Love the compass! Well done!


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