Friday, August 1, 2008

Over a year in the making

This took a bit longer as the final project & so it's more like 7 projects in 17 days. I under-estimated the paint time, touch up painting and then touching up the touch up painting time. LOL. :)

I have spent a little over a year collecting and looking for bargains on alphabet letters. I had seen this cute collection of different sizes, colors and shapes on a Pottery Barn Kids magazine picture and have dreamed of it ever since.

The last month or so though I really have been spending more time on it. I found those letters at Goodwill and then some clearance letters at Wal-Mart for only 18 cents each! The kids helped paint them all... and then others have scrapbook paper on them ... some have an attempt at the "artistic" set up ... and some are VERY large ...I had earmarked this etsy shop, Under My Umbrella months ago, just waiting for a chance to order from her and she was awesome to work with and a FANTASTIC deal! :) I e-bay'd Hunter's old set of curtains (from Pottery Barn Kids) and that money was almost enough to get six letters from her (with shipping). Look at how cute her letters are! So I spent last week doing a couple of letters a day and here's the end result! I love, love, love this alphabet mural. It's got different sizes, shapes and it really hasn't cost us too much out of pocket (about $30!!!). Mainly sales, and slowly, slowly working on it. I pulled it out the other day to show some of it to Mati and she made the comment that I had been working on this for a loooooong time. But this was so worth the wait! Now to find a cute new light switch cover. ;)


  1. That is so awesome! I love how each letter is unique and special... and $30? I'm impressed!

  2. Wonderful!!! What a GREAT job!!


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