Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Ironing Board

It may be summertime still for some, but winter has definitely arrived here! The kids are really enjoying it ... which I am trying to remind myself as it takes an hour to get all four of them fully dressed to go outside ... two-three times a day ...It's strange that the leaves still haven't fallen, but there is so much snow outside!

Have you guys seen this cute ironing board tutorial? I loved it, and realized that I could literally do it for under $10! I already had my contact paper, black paint, and a random board in the garage. I just had to buy the coat hooks, and my awesome hubby put it on for me. I realize my ironing board isn't very exciting ... but I LOVE having a home for the ironing board ... and it's been put in the homeschool/craft room now ... it's awesome! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chiropractors, Pumpkin Patches & New Music

So after a horrible week last week, I can really move for the first time in years without real pain! YEAH! I had to got the chiropractor twice last week and both times knocked me out, which included crafting, organizing, and cleaning. He said it takes 12 weeks for everything to really heal, so I'm taking it really slow and not over-exerting myself ... at all. But, it feels great to be able to sit and type and not hurt ... he said I had a couple ribs out (they didn't hurt - but it makes sense after baby #2 - she kicked like crazy & they hurt for MONTHS afterwards), my septum (I think it's called that) was rotated 30 degrees, my pelvis was out, etc. ... yeah ... fun to be me after being realigned, but the second time was NOT as bad as the first ... so I'm hoping this means I'll be able to walk around more regularly (I got hurt 4+ years ago during a pregnancy and thought it was healed ... guess not).

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch last weekend ... lots of fun & they LOVED the hay ride. Jax who threw up literally every single night for a week & a half couldn't stop smiling ... kind of nice to see him so happy ... he didn't stop smiling the entire time we were there. :) I got a white pumpkin, to see if I can save the seeds & plant them myself next year ... and have you heard of Hilary Weeks new CD? LOVE IT! I'm listening/loving it right now (link for one of the songs here).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

School Supply Organization

A bit thing I'm working on is slowly making the room more an organized & functional area of our home. Besides cleaning, de-junking and de-junking some more, I'm also looking for better organization ideas ... and this was one that seemed perfect! **Please excuse Colton ... he's decided that EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I pull out the camera he needs to jump in the photo now! LOL*

I had seen this idea on PBKids, and wanted to spray paint the buckets, but in the end ... done is better than not done! I hot glued some pots I got from IKEA for $1 each onto a lazy susan ... it has made SUCH a difference having all those school supplies better organized! And the fact that they can quickly clean up afterwards and everything has a home has made it so much nicer! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School Room ABC's

I've been also working on the craft room. I made a little something for the room from this site. I mentioned them before and absolutely love their stuff! So in this nice little corner I've stuffed one of my favorite things ever ... I have a slight obsession (shown here, here, and here) ... and now an ABC card wall. It's pure awesomeness.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Boys Room - Pennant Banners -

I love these pennants at PBKids. And then came across several tutorials on-line and realized just how easy it would be! I just sized letters on my photoshop, using he font collegiate outline and then printed out the outlines of each letter to save on ink. I used iron-on adhesive, but it never sticks very well to felt, so I just sewed around each individual letter. LOVE THEM! It was the last project from my $4.67 Jo-Ann's trip (I had enough left over felt to give some to two different friends to make their own too!). Jaxson loved his so much that he has actually overly stretched it out a bit and has demanded that I put it above his bed. I love making things for my kids. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Wreath

After putting up the other wreath, I realized I really wanted a Halloween one. Nothing over the top gross or overdone, and I remember this wreath and it was lovely. So that was the other fabric I got (meaning to make it sometime in the future ... but now works just as well!). Not as cute as the original, but no one besides I will ever know that. LOL. Both fabrics were bought at Jo-Ann's (and are a perfect match, but with the clouds & lighting, the orange keeps showing up funny), with my $10 gift card, so it only cost $1 for the black crow, the wreath I already had on-hand as well. :) I put the burlap wreath aside until the first of November. I LOVE wreaths! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinwheel Blanket

My sister had a baby back in December & I'd been meaning to make & send her a blanket ... but it wasn't until last week when my husband needed to go to Austin unexpectedly when I suddenly found myself trying to make an entire blanket in less than two days. I actually finished the binding on the way to the airport (not so much fun with the car sickness thing) and Ryan quickly held it up for me on his way to catch his flight, lol. It was using Mary Englebriet fabric (a charm pack) that I had on-hand and I love what a bright cheery fabric it is. What I don't love is the over the top thickness of that yellow underneath fabric, it would NOT feed thru the machine and was a complete & total pain in the rear to quilt. The quilting (thank heavens you can't see it) was completely wonky & too tight & too loose in other spots. But hopefully little Emma won't notice the bad quilt job anytime soon. ;)

Monday, October 10, 2011

First Big Snow

So this Saturday we had our first big snow storm. We got 6 inches in our backyard, and it completely destroyed half of a tree with the weight of the snow.The kids were in hog heaven though (Hunter is wearing his "Harry Potter" scarf from last Halloween ... love it!), it was the first time they've built a real snowman, and all without any help from Mommy.I hurt my back this past weekend, but today I finally got the photos uploaded from that and a few finished projects! We had a Jo-Ann's FINALLY open up here in town, and they were giving away gift cards to the first 100 people each morning ... so I picked up all these goodies for only $4.67! The first project on the list was a cute burlap wreath for our front door. I've become a bit obsessed with front door wreaths (I have a huge board on pinterest full of inspiration) and I can't believe what a difference it makes (in my mind at least) to have one up now! :)