Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bringing in the Harvest

We had our first snow here in Cheyenne the other day. I have to admit I have very mixed feelings. SOOOO grateful to have this horrible, hot stiffling (with no a/c) summer over with! So glad to be able to stop watering the garden .. but also very sad about the end of six months of gardening (we started LOTS of seedlings inside) and also sad to face the bitter cold that is coming our way.
We were able to harvest 15 sugar pumpkins this year. The kids were so excited, and my oldest, Hunter was REALLY excited for the gray jarrahdale pumpkins (an heirloom variety) that he grew and sold on his own.
So rather than focus on the sad, I am staying busy enjoying the wonderful opportunities that fall brings. We are processing our own pumpkin puree this year! :) And with fall brings wonderful colors and a change in wardrobe. :) I'm excited to find some personal time for sewing projects and to blog a bit more too. Here's to hoping right?
I also posted lots of new things in my etsy store lately. Here's a link to check it all out!