Friday, May 30, 2008

The Service Auction

So, last night I won a jar of brownies in a jar and the best part was also I won a bid on a free band-saw lesson! :) I am so excited, and after seeing these beautiful flowers, I know what I would LOVE to make for my daughter's room. Maybe in scrapbook paper instead of fabric??? Seriously, no post EVER feels complete without some type of pictures ... so here is the before and after pictures of my new computer desk. My honey sanded & stained it for me (intending it to be the dining room table) ... but it came up just a bit short (about two feet shorter than our current table) and a lot more wobbly than we thought it would be. So, I needed a better computer desk (than the old card table we were given as a wedding gift). I love it and it makes me REALLY want to do more home projects ...

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