Sunday, May 4, 2008

Block One Finished!

Yesterday while I was out shopping with some friends, one of the gals commented that I seemed to really like retro-ish fabrics. I hadn't really thought about it at all, but then I started looking more and more at my choices in the past and now and I guess she is right. :) So, it hit me exactly what theme to use for the block-a-week with crazymomquilt's! I bought a bunch of reproduction-ish fabrics and made block #1! I have enough I could *technically* make two sets of each block and give the second blanket away as a gift (already pre-thinking for Christmas) ... but then of course my husband looks around at all the other un-finished projects and reminds me to take it easy & not over-commit myself. LOL. :) I love the little tiny cowboys on this fabric, so sweet! :)


  1. Your block came out really well. I love the retro fabric, especially the camper van fabric. I want to find some of that.

  2. Great block..

    Also a great idea to make two..... I will go home and make another one today.....

    Doesn't Crazy Mom come up with the best blocks?


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