Friday, May 9, 2008

Post a Day in May #7

Is anyone else out there stressed over Mother's Day? Seriously? Anyone??? Maybe, just maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself for something I *know* will not be saved and looked at for only a day or so and then thrown away. Maybe. But at least I have now finished up the Mother's Day gifts!!! They are so sweet! Of course they won't be getting into the mail until tomorrow at this rate, so I am making my husband call up his grandma's and telling them it's on the way ... so they don't think we forgot them.I used a quick fill set of pages from the shabby princess' site. Love the name badge kits! They weren't very much money and two pages fit on a single 4x6 card so it was very inexpensive. I picked up the vinyl name badge holders from Office Max for $4.59 for 12, so each one made 2 sets of gifts. Seriously, inexpensive and so sweet looking! Then I just tied some ribbon I have around to add a little funk. I love, love, love the shabby princess' designs. Seriously, her stuff is so great, the attention to detail and colors and quality are fabulous! No, unforunately I don't get anything for advertising for her like this ... I only wish I was good enough to join the ranks of her talented scrapbook team. But, you seriously should check out her stuff sometime, fabulous! Total it cost $25 for all five sets and I have enough left overs to make myself one ... which is what's on the plan for today. :)

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  1. Absolutely adorable! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing, Kira.


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