Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Post a Day in May #4

Okay, so this is hard coming up with something crafty for everyday! Especially, since yesterday I had 102+ fever and was sooooo sick. My sweet husband took the day off of work and took such great care of me. He finished all my laundry, swept, cleaned, vacuumed, seriously the works. Still not feeling very good today, but SO much better thanks to him. :)
So ... I wanted to share this cross-stitch (sorry for the funky photo ... I was trying to avoid the glare of the sun). Each baby has had one (I'll share Savannah's another day ... when I'm desperate for a posting, ha!), and poor baby #3 still isn't even close to finished (honestly it's barely even started). This one is my favorite, partially because it was the first cross-stitch I had ever really finished, and also because I genuinely just love the bear on the moon. Hunter loves that he has a special thing that Mommy made just for him when he was born. :) **Even though it did take me until he was 18 months old to finish it!**


  1. You are so talented!! Great job!

  2. Here you are! I thought that I had found this blog on your about me page before and then I didn't see it on there now.

    Love your cross stitching pieces!


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