Saturday, April 19, 2008

Deep, Dark Family Secrets ...

Well, kind-of at least. LOL. So, my grandmother makes each of the kids a blanket when they are born. I still have mine and cherish it and my children also have one of their own as well. Right after Colton was born, she became quite ill and still has not even come close to fully recovering from it. But, she at least knows what day it is now (some days). So, she approached me asking for some help pre-making baby blankets for future grand-kids. So, each of the grand-kids without children would at least get one blanket before she passes on. Of course I agreed.

Than I started asking when she'd like to do this, when would she like me to take her to the store to pick fabric, etc.? No, that's not how it works she explained. My Aunt has always just MADE the entire blanket, tied, etc. for her and then given them to Grandma. Who then gives them to us. So, all those cherished blankets from Grandma ... well ... Grandma did sign her name to them. I was ready to roll on the floor laughing at this revelation. That's quite the family secret. LOL.

So I agreed to do the tying (with her though) and then I'll take them home and sew up the edges for her. BUT! If I am making the future grand-baby blankets (about twenty or so ... I think) ... then I'm making some for my future babies and they are going to get darn cute, quilting store quality ones (which of course I am having to buy the fabric for)!

So ... here is a girl one I am making ... just charm squares and then I'm going to go pick up the yard of fabric for the outside to finish it off ... then for the next boy one I found this darling panel at a local quilt store. One of the gals I go to quilting time with gave me her extra fabric (she had also bought this panel), it's more than enough to finish off a baby blanket. I'm going to make one more girl one too ... rather be over-prepared blanket-wise than under. Ryan of course is getting a huge kick out of the blankets "grandma" is making. LOL.
Those are my macro-shots for the last two days ... and here is the 16th ...a yummy asian broccoli coleslaw (so delish!). And the 17th ... I'm on the 6th Mario on the cross-stitch! Can't wait to finish it! :)

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  1. How do you find time to do so much!! You must tell me your secret!


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