Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two more finished WIP's! :)

I finished sewing up the two quilt tops for Grandma to tie. I'm really lovin' the one made with the charm packs, the yellow monkey one is for her to give to someone else. I am going to make two more for myself for us to do together.
Tonight our church is having a women's social, with a service auction. I'm offering up my recipes in a cute little box like this one. I don't know if I'll have really accumulated enough points by then for anything (we get points for doing good things ... not a money based auction), but I hope so! :) Then, look at this little bit of creating by the kids ... they were so proud of their fort and the fact that it was big enough that even Mommy could climb inside. :)

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  1. Such cute kids! Great smiles.

    Adorable dolls on my creating blog for you to look at, Kira. One more thing for you to add to your growing list of WIPs!


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