Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Almost a Post a Day ...

I missed a couple, but hey! I did a lot more craft stuff then I usually do! :) This weekend, I made a point to sit and sew a bunch (photos tomorrow!) and also to work on some digi-scrappin' too! Here are a couple of the layouts I finished ... The one main goal for Monday was to go to Jo-Ann's and use a couple 40% off coupons was given for batting, my sweet husband even offered to check out in a seperate line for me so I could get all the batting I needed. So, hopefully some of those blankets can get done this week. My daughter Savannah is such a cutie. She keeps going up to her Hungry Caterpillar blanket, hugging it and telling me, "thank you mommy, thank you for making this for me!". Seriously that girl melts my heart sometimes. :)

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  1. I love when my kids appreciate what I have made them. I makes it all worth it!


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