Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post in Day #10

No real time for chattin' today ... I feel like the little rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, "I'm late! I'm late!" LOL. But I did have a fantastic Mother's Day! I got a bread maker and sweet cards from my two oldest ones ... melts my heart.
Has anyone seen this blog? I just discovered food blogs and yummy! Man, oh man ... I can't keep up with all the fun ideas & recipes I've been finding! Of course, the one that TRULY had to be made, as soon and quickly as possible is chocolate covered strawberry jam. Oh yum! I am not a huge jam fan, so I am chopping my strawberries up & puree-ing them, and of course this is my very first experience EVER with canning or making something like this. But chocolate with strawberries ... with my morning breakfast sounds like perfection to me!
And one more little piece of randomness for the day ... I am horrible at doing hair and have fallen in love with this blog. Seriously, check her out! This one is my new favorite, doesn't Savannah's hair look so sweet like that? I'm just dying for her hair to grow a little longer now for some of those sweet do's! :)

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