Friday, May 16, 2008

Finished Project!

Seriously, I have been wondering if I would ever have anything really to put on this craft blog that I have made! But, I finished up a recipe box. It's a going away gift for a dear friend of ours that is moving up to Salt Lake and today's her last day at work. She was one of Ryan's employees and I seriously just adore that girl. It's been four years (holy cow!) since we first met her and she's just an awesome, awesome friend and I am going to miss her being around! So, I finished up some of those recipe cards and printed up about 50 or so and used mod podge on the tin. It's not quite as cute as I wanted ... I went a little overboard on the mod podge (first time user here!), and the cute chipboard letters I bought WOULD. NOT. STICK. No matter what I tried. But I think it's still fun. I put mod podge around the actual paper to create a bit of a barrier against food and splatters and messes in the kitchen. Here are some of the recipe cards ...

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  1. Absolutely adorable, Kira. You are so talented and a fountain of energy!


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