Monday, June 30, 2008


So I did this the last time I did the quilt-a-long. They are now on week 10 today, I just finished week 4 last night. So, that is the goal for this week! Catch up! :) It wouldn't be as large of a goal if I was doing just a single set of each block, but instead I have been doing 2. So, last night I finished up the fourth week & now have 8 finished blocks to show for it. I am really not in love with this block and seriously debated re-doing it. But it took almost two hours to finish them and there is no turning back now! :)

And I've really been trying to do more creative things with the kids. So, I took them out for a few hours on Saturday (while Daddy did his homework ... these PhD classes are brutal!). We hit the free craft at Lowe's. Did you know they give you a cute little badge (like a boy scout badge) for each craft you do? And they also gave the kids their own aprons to put them on! They are really excited about the baseball field they made and have been playing with it like crazy. I'm going to make a scrapbook of those craft things. :) Then we hit Lakeshore Learning's free Saturday craft as well. I was pretty proud of the kids creations. The gal kept making suggestions to my kids about ribbon or what beads to use and where would be the best placement of things and I just kept telling her that I was letting them do it all on their own.Their finished projects were beautiful and perfect, because they did them ... not me. :)


  1. I love the stars! They look great :)

    It's so sweet that you let your kids do their own crafts. They look wonderful!

  2. Oh, aren't they having such a grand time. What a wonderful learning experience for them.

    I am also trying to play "catch-up" with those block.


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