Friday, August 12, 2011

Mindless Crafting ...

My husband has been working a LOT of overtime lately (which would be awesome ... except he's salary ... and at this moment I would like to repeat our family mantra - "we're so lucky he has a job in this economy"). So there are weeks like this week, where he has put in 50 hours by last night ... and I need something to take my mind off of everything ... so I look to my new favorite "mindless craft". These amazingly cute & simple burned edges flowers (I made some for the 4th of july here).

I love the fact that I can get 5 for $1 (four smaller ones & a large one for myself), and that with very little effort I get a beautiful result! Here are some I've made lately. I actually made and gave a total of ten of these flowers to a friend in Vegas and am in the process of now making hot pink, white, blue, red and gold. And the best part is it's 20 minutes from start to finish ... and look at how darling they look on my baby girl! LOVE IT! :)

Hopefully I'll have something exciting to share (and completed!) by Monday ... wish my luck!

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  1. Love the flowers! Super cute!!!

    Love the hair & lil' Lizzie. You look great!


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