Monday, August 29, 2011

Winter's Coming ...

Two years ago it snowed on September 15th, last year it was mid-October. Winter's coming ... and who knows how much longer until the snow, wind and freezing temps will arrive. So I am in overdrive right now trying to de-junk and make everything nice and ready for the deep-never-ending winter. And to be honest, I'm torn about whether I want it to come or not ... the flies are driving me batty here ... but it's a LONG 9-10 months of snow ... oh well. So, this weekend my husband was awesome enough to cut up a 4x8 board we got at the auction last year for $5 and make some impromptu shelves for our garage. See the cute shelves in the garage there??? It's part of a HUGE entertainment center ... and for now at least, it's staying in the garage until I can figure out where to put it. LOL. It's taken me two years of de-junking and working with what we had to get the garage this nice & tidy. It may not look like much ... but the fact that we could park the car in there tomorrow feels like a HUGE accomplishment to me! We also fit in some Mother-Daughter craft time ... so exciting to Savannah. I'm hoping to have some time to finish that project this week ... and I'm also trying to hurry up and spray paint everything I want done ... because once the deep-freeze sets in, nothing will get painted for a long, long time.I'm hoping to have a finished picture to show of a project I'm working on tomorrow ... but I guess we'll have to wait & see how the weather co-operates! :)


  1. Hey the fact that you can now park your car in the garage is HUGE. I did that once...then Clint came home from cleaning his Dad's house out, and brought a bunch of stuff with him. :( We haven't been able to park the car in the garage since.
    Good luck with getting everything accomplished before the cold weather hits. I'm sending this Las Vegas heat your way.LOL!

  2. Looks like you have been busy. We don't park in our garage right now...but we are doing a community garage sale on Saturday and hope to sell some stuff and make more room in our garage. Then we will have a place to workout in the winter/cooler months.


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