Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My new table

So, on Thursday night Ryan came home with a bit of a surprise, a new table! I had mentioned liking it, and was REALLY excited that he got it for only $85! I want to re-cover the chairs with a new fabric and some plastic (for easy clean up with the kids) ... I'm debating which color to use, I *LOVE* the green (so does Ryan) but it definitely doesn't go with the curtains ... maybe it's time to make some new curtains??? Hmmmmm.

The tabletop was a bit more worn then either of us realized, and he kept apologizing over & over again ... but I think it's perfect! Now I don't have to worry about the kids messing it up, and next Spring/Summer when it warms up again I'll re-finish the top ... but school has started already in our home again and it usually starts snowing in September, so I can't worry about it for this year. Then see my cute new frames behind the bench? Ryan picked up 12 frames for $7.50 at the auction, and these were two of them. I want to add some greenery or something ... just not sure what to do yet.


  1. Love the table too, if I may give you some advice though, don't resurface the table until the kids are older. We got a nice dinette set at RC Willey (in the back of the store, it was a return), so we got a REALLY great deal. The kids have already carved it up with their utensils and we caught Elsa (of all kids) trying out the hack saw on it. Crazy what they'll think of.
    I love the green fabric too. You're so creative!

  2. He has sure found some great finds at the auction. I like the brown and the green. Decisions, decisions. What a great deal on the frames!


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