Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boys Room Clocks

So eventually I want to frame in this map for the boys' room, but on a non-existent decorating budget, this works for now. :) I actually used my birthday money from Ryan's parents to buy the clocks. We decided to use Moscow, New York, Cheyenne (where we live now) and Hawaii for the time zones. **Sorry for the photos, they are in the basement which has two HUGE bushes in front of it, even during the middle of a bright summer day it looks like a dungeon ... fun times!**Hunter wanted to cut the letters & stick them up himself ... just used scrapbook paper ... not as polished as I would hope for, but it's done, it's cute and it was such a thrill to cross one more thing off my list! :) I made a little inspiration board a year and a half ago, and forgot about it ... fun to see how it's finally coming together like I had envisioned! Although now I'm thinking I'd like to add a little saying on an orange board right above it ... hmmmmmm ... I also added some little fun hooks right next to the bedroom door for their hats. Nice & organized ... they were on clearance at Hobby Lobby and only $2 each ... a little bit of a splurge, but it's fun! :)

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  1. Love it! How fun! I bet they love their room with all this fun stuff!


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