Friday, August 26, 2011

Boys Room - Mathching Bedding -

I've slowly been collecting plaid fabric for the past year to make all three boys plaid blankets, and eventually I'd like to make a copy of this bedding ... oh I love PBKids! But, for now the two older boys had jean blankets and I wanted to make some matching bedding for Jax's toddler bed. So I pieced together some leftover batting, used some fabulous fabric I already had on-hand and did a simple tied blanket. Last night I sat by Jax's bed while he fell asleep (he's got a nasty head cold right now) and did the binding. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy! Not an exact match, but it works, it was free and he absolutely loved it! As soon as he saw me arranging it on his bed, he wouldn't leave it alone, or get out of the picture. What can I say? He's the 4th child, he's territorial by nature. LOL.

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