Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boys Room - Dresser Part Deux -

So, after the alphabet didn't fit, I found out about this fabulous site and decided to print up these three sets of prints (campers, hot air balloons & classic cars) and picked up some dollar store frames. I spray painted all nine frames dark blue and put the pictures in them. Only, they didn't fit in the space either like I envisioned (guess I should have measured first???). And it just didn't look as cool with only three frames up (the frames are straight ... evidently the photograph wasn't though ... sorry).And I did already have two things to go up there ... so as much as I love the prints, I'm going to put them aside in the closet for now (maybe they'll have a place to go in the next rental???) ... and I realize this is WAY beyond my budget ... but I really think this PBKids mobile would look fantastic up there! Anyone seen a tutorial to make one like it though??? By the way ... notice the angry birds poster??? Yes, Hunter is obsessed ... and since it is a boy's room and should reflect them, I decided that it didn't matter if it didn't match "my theme" ... right?

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  1. Those prints are cuet. Don't know how I missed this post, but I did.


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