Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Savannah!!!

My darling little girl has turned six yesterday... wow!!! She's a total creative, messy, mayhem inducing girl ... just like her mama! :) We started the day off with chocolate chip pancakes (so yum!). And I worked all morning on finishing up her four layer birthday cake. I saw an idea on pinterest to do a graduated layer pink cake. :)I used this cake recipe, this filling recipe (we used snicker bars), and this outer frosting recipe (scroll down a bit for the recipe). She wanted a huge superhero party, and I was all set to do it all for her ... but in the end the idea of just taking some friends to the $1.50 movie theater in town was too great of a temptation to resist! And the best part was we called it a joint birthday party for my son who turns 4 in a little under 2 weeks! :) But, I think she was pretty stoked to take her friends ... Happy Birthday girl! We sure love you! :)


  1. FUN :) You are an awesome mama :) She is one sweet girl, too!!

  2. I see what you mean! I tried a rainbow cake for Lolly's party. They sure DO take a lot of time :D. Yours looks fabulous! Oh, and I do have a blog--but it's private. I'll have to get you an invite :D.

  3. Very cute! Love the picture of the two of you gals!


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