Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Headbands

We had an awesome fourth of July! I wanted to make some flowers for the girls & my hair ... and also for our friends' girls that we met up there! So I stayed up until 1 am burning the edges of the flowers ... which was especially painful waking up at 6 am (with 3 feedings in between) for the parade. But! It was so worth it to see all the girls with their flowers on their heads! I got the tutorial from here. The flowers have six layers, I did layers 3-6 for my headband, 4-6 for Savannah and only 5 & 6 for Lizzie's head ... it made them the perfect size for each girl and they are so inexpensive to make, love them! In total I made 14 different flowers (for my girls and my friends two girls & her as well) ... and it only cost me $4.50 for the fabric ... with LOTS left over! YEAH! :)

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