Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finishing the Boys' Room -Go Letters-

So I have been trying to decorate my room, my girls' room, my boys' room and my front room/kitchen area ... as a result, nothing ever looks close to put together. But I have a few ideas now for the boys' room and so I am working on a bunch of projects to finish up the wall space and wall decorations! :) So this is my goal this month ... to finish their room!

First on the list ... is a set of "GO" letters ... I made Hunter scrapbook the letters himself (which I think he loves being REALLY involved in his room decorating/decision making process) ... we used map pages from an McNally Atlas we got at the thrift store ($0.50 on 50% off day ... perfect!) ... and then I had him paint the edges of each letter side. :) The perfect less-than-$5-craft ... and I REALLY like the way they look on his little shelves in his room!

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  1. That is awesome lady! Your kiddos are lucky to have such a crafty momma!


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