Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homeschool Field Day!

So in most schools, there is a field day in the spring. But, we don't have spring in Cheyenne. Last year the last snowfall was near the end of May, and I was still wearing long sleeve shirts on some days in June. So, we decided to have a field day for the first day of school (before the snow starts ... some years as early as mid-September)! I wanted to do something fun for the kids, still school related that would get them excited about their upcoming year ... and they had a blast! There were three other homeschool families that we have now met thru church with kids of similar ages, so we all got together to kick-off the year!

Since most schools will sell t-shirts for field day, we decided to tie-dye shirts with kool-aid (main tutorial followed is here), the only bit it didn't add on the instructions, that most other sites had was to pre-soak the shirt in water before beginning. It was pretty crazy trying to do the rubber banding & soaking for each child (and letting them be a part of the whole process) ... but the kids were so excited to see the designs popping out on their shirts! They are now the "cool" pj shirts in our house. :) My husband veto'd the twister idea I had (something about spray painting the grass on the rental just didn't fly with him ... he brought up the whole "grass-going-into hibernation-before growing-out" thing), but the kids had a lot of fun with the water bottle bowling, relay racing, water balloon toss (which quickly became water balloon fights) and the egg race too.We didn't get to make the bubble snakes I wanted to, but we're planning on doing that one tomorrow after school to celebrate surviving the first week. :)


  1. Looks like they had a blast! Good luck on your homeschool year :)

  2. Looks super fun! What a great idea for homeschooled kids...they want in on the fun of field day too!


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