Saturday, July 30, 2011

Front Room Rug

We've REALLY been needing a new rug for the front room ... the other one got thrown up on & when I took it outside to clean it up (yes, it was *that* massive of a throw up) ... this HORRIBLE wet dog smell came from it, and NEVER left. We ended up having to dump the rug, because nothing would seem to make the smell go away or die down. It was that horrible.
Which wouldn't have been too big of an urgent deal. Except I have FIVE kids, and it's a very light cream carpet in this rental & stains are inevitable (ugh, I hate the carpet color!). I had been planning on stopping at this store next stop in Vegas. It's cheap enough, it was definitely the best way to go ... until Tuesday night & my husband came to my rescue!

He called to say he picked up a rug at the auction for me, and told me it was only $15. And to be honest, I was kind-of annoyed thinking there was NO WAY it would work ... but I really do like it! YEAH! :) It goes wonderfully with the front room curtains and everything else I've been making for this area. Love it! It feels like the room is so close to be finished ... I can't wait! :)

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