Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Boys Room

So when we moved, we put the 3 older kids into the largest room in the house, so they could hang out together. With the intention that Jax would move out of this crib next year & then it would be a boys only room. So we've been trying to come up with some kind of decorated room (with absolutely no budget mind you) for them. Nothing themed or matching. Something that would grow with a one year old, but not be too baby-ish for the 7 year old too. So I've been letting Hunter decide what he wants & likes. This is what he's picked. There is no decorating budget ... no money for this at all. So, we're going to very slowly work on it, and Hunter is actually excited about thrift store shopping for things he wants. And I figured I would slowly accumulate the fabric ... since I need enough to make three complete quilts (one for each boy).
I found these old chipboard alphabet letters in my scrapbook stash & Hunter loved putting them together (and we put them in an old frame I had around). He's so very proud of the fact he's going to make things for his new room.**Please don't notice the thrashed room behind him.**
Then this weekend, we picked up the wood to make these. It cost about $18 in wood (we're making two of the large 36" ones w/ the extra ledge included) and I can't wait to get the garage cleaned out this week & start working on it! :)


  1. That is not a bad price for the wood. The room is going to be so cute. I will let you know if I find any robot stuff when I am out and about.

  2. Fun! It's so awesome that Hunter is excited about the process and getting involved. It is going to be a great room. :)

  3. I'm dying to make those cute shelves for my son's room, too. Please update if you make them soon :)


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