Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Completely Random Post

So today was my oldest son's first day of school. I missed him like crazy, but the fact that I have been sick all weekend (again!) and was miserable made it easier to know he was at least having fun ... rather than napping with the younger ones. When we picked him up, his first words to me were, "MOM! That was soooooo much fun!". :) Let's just hope he can hold onto that enthusiasm for a while.

Since last week was his last week home, I didn't do as much on the craft front, instead I really focused on time with him ... and of course Colton's birthday too. But, Amandajean was having a baby quilt week and I did have two quilt tops to show for it ... both are for Grandma to tie. I was planning on giving the barnyard blanket to my SIL, who I just *knew* would be having a boy this time (baby #4 ... and with the previous three girls it seemed about time, right???), but the ultrasound showed her in all her girl glory ... so I'm going to keep that cute blanket for myself. So that's today's goal ... getting over this dang cold & sewing up this blanket. Then I only have two more to make for Grandma followed by a break. Grandpa made the point that I am the only grand-daughter who has been having babies and she now has eight stocked up, should be enough for a while.


  1. Two quilt tops in a week? Rock on! I wish I could be so productive. :) And that barnyard one is so very cute. I never seem to be able to find cute panels like that.

  2. Those are such cute quilts!!

    I'm so glad Hunter loved school - that's great!

  3. Sick AGAIN! I'm sorry. I don't know how you get half of this stuff done (especially when you're sick). I think I know where Colton gets his enthusiasm.


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