Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not miserable ... but close.

So it has been almost two weeks with the same blasted cold, and it's not getting better. I wouldn't say I've been completely miserable, but very close. LOL. So, no sewing has been happening. But then I woke up the last two days to cool-ish weather (the mid-80's!!!) Hallelueigh! Oh my gosh it feels so good! The windows are all open in the house, the a/c is off (I know you're happy to hear that Ryan) and I am soaking up that good feeling, cool air. It won't last long and the high tomorrow is supposed to be around 102, but I'll take any break I can from the heat.

It got me thinking though and wanting to actually sew some clothes for Savannah and myself. I have some yardage that I got from an estate sale and I've put it out to air out ... yes I have a million other projects to do, but this one actually will help us save some money and I can't wait to have matching pants with Savannah! :) I would show some pics of the fabric ... but that would mean FINDING my camera ... any ideas of where a 3 yo could have hidden it?!?

BTW ... one of my favorite sites to check out is Susan Branch. She has yummy-licious recipes and such fun things available ... she just updated and I can't wait to try out stuffed zucchini, fresh corn salad and the baked tomato salad ... check it out!


  1. Sorry to hear that you've been under the weather. Summer colds are so not fun.

    I've been in a clothes-making mode lately, myself. It's a lot of fun-- and a lot closer to instant gratification than a quilt. And it is so fun to sew for little ones! :)

  2. Hope that you feel better, Kira!

  3. I hope you feel better!

    Hannah hid a library book once and we couldn't find it anywhere!! Finally she agreed to get it out of it's hiding place. She came down a minute later with with book. I asked where she had it hidden and she said "uhmmm, in my drawer" I still don't know where it was because I checked all of her drawers earlier and couldn't find it. I guess she didn't want to give out her secret hiding spot!

    So... good luck with the camera :)


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