Monday, August 18, 2008

Quilt Of Dreams

Our weekend was full of cleaning, Olympics (my 5 yo has become OBSESSED with Michael Phelps ... lol) and then collapsing from pure exhaustion. So, not too much crafting happening, but I did have this blanket from last week to share ...

Mati told me about this quilt of dreams sponsored by Hancock fabrics each year. This is her posting of her submission from last year. I was tempted to do it, but money is not exactly falling off of trees lately with the gas price/food price increase and I had so many other unfinished projects I didn't want to add one more thing on. But then she called me to tell me she had enough fabric for three quilt tops and offered the fabric to me. I finished it just BARELY in time and turned it in last Tuesday, right before the flu bug hit and kept me down on my couch for days. Here's the finished project felt so good to turn this in ... and I really liked it. So Mati, I'm hooked! I'll make sure to do one again next year too!


  1. So colorful and happy! And good for you on finishing. It's such a great cause. :)


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