Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Church is gettin' better!

So I have been seriously struggling with the kids during sacrament. It's the first session of church and my little ones WILL NOT sit still. Savannah is the worst, she tries to run up to Daddy. Oh yeah ... maybe the reason it feels so overwhelming is because I'm ALONE!!! Ryan conducts the music and gets to enjoy and laugh at me struggling with the little ones while he sits there calmly reflecting on the different things being said. More than one time I have wanted to fake being sick to stay home and let HIM struggle it out. Then I saw the cutest idea ever! But, the price tag was way too much for three kids, so I used what I had already. I dug out those extra black bags that I had from a birthday present I made for a friend and started to fill them up! Here's what they have so far:
  • Individual bags with their initials on them - they just grab their own bag & head out to the car!
  • Juice Box & little snack - they love having the control over that!
  • Crayon Rolls - made them these for Christmas - and a coloring book
  • Legos - baby loves them -
  • Felt Boards - and I made some shapes, but mainly threw in some felt things we already had around the house.

I'm trying to add different things each week, like a puzzle one time or a different toy. I know there are mom's out there who are absolutely amazing. Who have children who sit there, reverently and never struggle. I am not that Mom. But, the last two Sundays have been fantastic and when each child gets a little older than I'll expect a little less in the way of distractions and more listening. In the meantime, pure bliss!


  1. What a great idea! I might have to make one of these :)

  2. Nifty! I love that idea... It would be great for long car trips too, I think. And thank you so much for that link to the felt board. I think I'm going to have to make one of those for the boy. :)

  3. Oh happy day! I bet those will help my kids, too. I'm gonna try it!


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