Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy First Birthday Colton!

So we had a very small party for Colton last night for his birthday. I kept adding people to the list and adding more people to the list and then Ryan reminded me to cut WAY back and that simple for a one year old is better. So just a few very close families came for his birthday and it was fun. I made him a birthday banner, which is my new favorite ... I know I say that each time. LOL. Then he got his animal blanket, along with a stuffed elephant and the Eric Carle book Panda Bear, Panda Bear (each kid now has a blanket from their Mom). I attempted to make him the cow cake following the video directions from family fun and I realized that I am pretty decent at a lot of things, but cake decorating is not one of those things. And I'm okay with that ... I think. I had planned on making more ... a cute turtle ice cream cake, monkey cups and animal balloons all from Martha Stewart, but ran out of time and amazingly enough, no one noticed and it was still a good party! HA! :) Colton didn't really touch the cake, but the delicious chocolate tart that Anthony brought ... that was another story entirely (not that I can blame him ... that cake was delish!).

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