Monday, January 17, 2011

Paper or Plastic??? (Project #11 & #12 of 45)

Seriously??? PLASTIC PLEASE! I know some people use fabric grocery bags ... which is awesome ... but I change LOTS of poopy diapers, and my car is always messy/needing to be cleaned up and I never have enough of those grocery store bags. And the current system is just NOT working for me ... thrown under the kitchen sink & always finding their way ALL around the house. So .... I pulled out some fabric & ribbon & elastic I already had and made this ...
I used this tutorial to make a grocery bag dispenser. :) Total cost = nothing! But, it has made me smile anytime I walk by or use it and it eliminated the constant overflowing mess of grocery bags from underneath my kitchen sink. :) I love it! :)
And then I used the left over strip to make my friend a matching one ... another project done! :)
And now if you'll excuse me ... I caught a NASTY stomach bug on Saturday (knocked me out flat) and am still pretty shaky ... so I'm going to rest more today, enjoy some tv time with the kids ... and maybe cut out a few felt flowers for the new baby. :)


  1. Love that! My mom makes them, and I still don't have one yet... I better get on her case about it because I hate the bags over flowing out my cupboard too!

  2. Love it...I need to make one of those too!

  3. You are on a roll! I'm in awe of how productive you are. When I was that far along in my pregnancy, I was pretty much a lump on a log. :P

    Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I've been wanting to make something like this!

  4. Nice!! What a time to get sick too! Pregnant and trying to finish lots of projects :( I hope you feel better quick!! Eat lots of cranberries :)


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