Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boys Room Curtains (Project #4 of 45)

So after making the boys their fort, I had an 18" x 72" remnant of fabric left over ... so I made them some basic curtains! :)
I didn't make them the perfect length of their current window (we're just renting, and who knows what the next window length would be), and I didn't allow for anything to hang on the sides (it's a boys room ... they are rough, they wrestle & they would pull them down in a heartbeat without meaning to), but I just used a bit of stitch witchery and a cheapy $2 curtain rod from Wal-Mart and begged my husband to hang them for me ... thanks honey! :)
Sorry for the crappy lighting, their room is always a challenge & with the clouds moving in the for big 3 day snowfest we have forcasted, it was hopeless. And in more important/pressing matters ... is it possible for the baby to drop & then come back UP??? Seriously, I usually get a couple of weeks off from the rib pain, but the baby dropped LAST Saturday and by Thursday night she was kicking my ribs again!!! Oy.


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